Spark & On The Move Trivia
This set contains images of two houses and an apartment complex where the Spark and On The Move newspapers were often produced.

The 1972 images are of a house at 7400 Piney Branch Road in Takoma Park where layout and paste-up were often done. The main office from 1971-72 was at the campus of Montgomery College in Rockville where the "Freedom Party" (a recognized student group) had an office.

When the paper severed its ties with the College in 1973, it was produced at 201 Lincoln Ave. in Takoma Park, MD. This was the period of the Washington Area Spark's widest circulation.

A makeshift office with a homemade drafting table, used file cabinets and a desk served as the production facilities in the basement of the Lincoln Ave. house.

After it began re-publishing as On The Move in 1974-75, its office consisted of a converted dining room in a Chillum Heights apartment in the complex at Chillum Road and 16th Ave. in Chillum, MD. An office was rented at the corner of 34th St and Bunker Hill Road in Mt. Ranier but never opened.

The first 4 images in this set were scanned from contact prints. Original negatives are apparently lost. The Chillum images were scanned from one 8 x 10 print and from 3 original negatives. Non-commercial use of images in this set should be credited to Reading/Simpson. Commercial use of these items is prohibited without express permission.
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