Spark & On The Move Mastheads
This set is a sampling of covers of Spark and On The Move through its evolution and eventual death.

The paper began as a student government funded alternative newspaper at Montgomery College and fairly quickly expanded distribution county-wide.

Spark severed ties with college in January 1973 and tried to fill the void in the greater Washington, DC area left by the death of the alternative newspaper Quicksilver Times .

That year the "Spark Bomb" on the masthead first grew smaller and then disappeared in favor of "Power Fists." 1973 also saw the "double fold" of the tabloid with a small 8 1/2 x 11 cover that when opened up led to a second 11 x 17 cover. The last issue published as "Spark" was in October of 1973.

Reincarnated as "On The Move" in January 1974, it featured white letters on a black background. The paper's name was slanted to suggest motion. The paper also cost readers a nominal 10 cents whereas Spark had been free.

The last issue of On The Move in January 1975 reflected the overall downward spiral--heavy on capitalized bold letters and rhetoric and light on photos, news and feature stories.

A number of attempts were made in 1975-77 to revive the paper, but none were successful.

Spark started with a circulation of about 500 with its first issue, peaked at about 25,000 in 1973 and fell to about 500 with the last issue of On The Move.

Blogs and other online forums now fill the void left by the death of "underground newspapers."
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