Photographers of Spark & On The Move 1971-77
The Washington Area Spark Flickr site originally contained images collected by the Washington Area Spark and On The Move alternative newspapers from 1971-77.

Most photographers were amateurs who knew little about photography. A few images by professional photographers were obtained by the newspapers during that time period.

Subsequently, other images from the pre-internet period have been added from the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution and the Washington Star and Daily News newspaper as well as some other sources.

The photographers and copyright holders deserve thanks for their contributions on this Flickr site. This digitalized collection adds to the understanding of history in that era.


Sue Reading
Craig Simpson
Patrick McCann
J. Bentz
Bernie Boston
G. Dunkel
Herbert French Collection
Pete Schmick
Brig Cabe
Michael Dresser
Wellner Street
Paul M. Schmick
Williard Volta
Insurgent Photo
Walter Oates
___ Silverman
Julia Grimes
Ray Lustig
Pete Copeland
Francis Routt

Craig Simpson and Sue Reading have chosen to have their images jointly credited since they often took photos of the same event on the same roll of film. They are credited for their images as Reading/Simpson.

G. Dunkel has chosen to credit his work as G. Dunkel/Workers World—the newspaper that his images often appear in.

Some images by Pete Schmick, were purchased from the Washington Star in 1976 for publication in On The Move and recently donated back to the Star Collection at the Martin Luther King Library and appear Courtesy DC Public Library, Star Collection, © Washington Post, All Rights Reserved.

Images by Brig Cabe, Ray Lustig, Bernie Boston, Wellner Street, Warren Oates, Julia Grimes, Pete Copeland, Pete Schmick, Paul M. Schmick and Williard Voltz are also courtesy DC Public Library, Star Collection, © Washington Post, All Rights Reserved.

Images from the Herbert E French National Photo Company collection courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Many images that appeared in Spark and On The Move do not appear on this site because of the difficulty of contacting the copyright holders, with 40 years passing since the first issues were published. Other images have simply been lost through the years while others have unidentified photographers or artists.

If you had drawings or photographs that were published in Spark or On The Move and would like them to appear on this site, please e-mail us at

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