CIA Out of Greece 1974
These images depict a demonstration against the Greek military junta April 21 1974 in front of the White House to mark the 7th anniversary of the fascist seizure of power.

A group of right-wing military colonels staged a coup in April 1967 and ruled repressively; outlawing political parties, ending freedom of the press and jailing and torturing opponents. There were ongoing protests both inside and outside of Greece that culminated in November 1973 when students at the National Technical University of Athens (Polytechnic) staged a student strike and sit-in against the regime.

The junta responded by sending in tanks and most remaining supporters turned against the colonels. The colonels attempted to rally national support by staging a coup in Cyprus, but Turkey responded by invading and occupying the island.

With all political support for the junta gone, senior military officials withdrew their support and invited opposition political leaders to form an interim government and hold elections that ended this period of Greek fascism in November 1974.

The reference to “Z” in one of the demonstration protest signs refers to the 1969 Costa Gavras film that depicted the 1963 assassination of Grigoris Lambrakis, a populist member of the Greek parliament. The film, which was banned in Greece by the colonels, nonetheless captured anti-junta sentiment.

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