No Cuts in Jobless Benefits 1975-77
This set contains images of a march by 1,000 unemployed from All Souls Church at 16th & Harvard Sts NW, down 18th St to the White House on March 5, 1977 to demand “no cuts in unemployment benefits.”

[Additonal images from 1970s unemployment protests have been added]

Jimmy Carter had just taken office as President and the unemployment rate was hovering around 9%. Carter proposed to cut 13 weeks of unemployment benefits and make another 13 weeks conditional those out of work accepting any job—including minimum wage jobs.

Marchers carried a letter to Carter that said in part, “Why do you represent the interests of the moneyed class while claiming to speak on our behalf?” The demonstration was organized by the Unemployed Workers Organizing Committee (UWOC) which had chapters in 33 cities at the time.

UWOC was organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party, a group was formed as the protest movement of the 1960s and early 1970s began to ebb.

Washington Area Spark/On The Move newspaper had ceased to publish at this time. These images were taken during one of the periodic attempts to revive the newspaper.

This set of images was scanned from 3 x 5 flat finish photos. Original negatives are apparently lost. Non-commercial use of images should be credited to Reading/Simpson. Commercial use of these items is prohibited without express permission
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