March on Pentagon 1972
This set contains images from a march from Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to Pentagon in Virginia on April 29, 1972 protesting the Vietnam War.

It was sponsored by the National Peace Action Coaltion and mainly organized by the Socialist Workers Party involving about 500 demonstrators in a local action.

By this time, US troop levels in Vietnam had dropped to about 69,000 (from a high of over 1/2 million) although the US continued with heavy bombing. Antiwar protests still continued at a high level on campuses across the country, but with less intensity than two years earlier.

This was a small demonstration, even for a local one sponsored by only one of the two major peace coalitions. Intensity of antiwar demonstrations surged again after the Christmas bombings of North Vietnam in 1972, culminating with 100,000 people protesting at Nixon's second Inauguration in January 1973.

On January 27, 1973 the Paris Peace Agreement was signed effectively ending US combat in the war and US Secretary of Defense ended the draft of Americans into the armed services the same day. The US continued to provide training and aid to the Republic of Vietnam until Saigon fell to the forces of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in April 1975.

This set of images was scanned from 8 x 10 prints and from contact sheets. All were in poor condition and some minimal restoration work has been done to make the images viewable. Original negatives are apparently lost. Non-commerical use of photos on this site should be credited to Reading/Simpson unless otherwise noted. Commercial use of these items is prohibited without express permission
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