Final March: Vietnam War 1975
This set contains images of an anti-Vietnam war march held April 19, 1975 in Washington, D.C. The Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) had launched what turned out to be a final offensive against the south on April 7.

The march of about 300 began at Farragut Square follow a circuitous route before rallying at Dupont Circle.

The police had been notified that the march would continue further up Massachusetts Ave to Sheridan Circle stopping 500 feet from the Republic of Vietnam embassy. Instead, the group marched quickly to Republic's information office at 1728 P Street holding another short rally before briefly clashing with police and dispersing.

The forces of the DRV along with the National Liberation Front based in the south captured Saigon on April 29, 1975 ending the war. Vietnam, which had been partioned since 1954, was reunited on July 2, 1976.

The march was mainly organized by the Revolutionary Union which formed the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) the same year. .

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