Yippie Smoke-In 1973
The Youth International Party (Yippies) were an anarchist youth culture group that attracted a large following in the late 1960s. They sponsored an annual marijuana smoke-in on the Mall in Washington D.C. to openly challenge laws prohibiting legal use of marijuana.

These images are of the 4th annual "smoke-in" and the last held on the Mall. This "smoke-in" took place near 14th Street NW on the Mall and a march was held that ended at the Capital.

The July 4, 1973 event was called to press for legalization of marijuna and for the impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

The two most prominent founders of the organization were Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Hoffman continued to press for social change until he died under questionable circumstances in 1989. Rubin abandoned his campaign for social justice and became a wealthy businessman before being killed jaywalking in 1994. Both had achieved fame as social activists for their outrageous theatrical style and as defendants in the "Chicago 8" trial when they and others were accused of conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic Convention.

This set of images was scanned from original negatives. The originals negatives were badly damaged and some photoshop work was done to recreate the damaged portions. Non-commerical use of photos on this site should be credited to Reading/Simpson unless otherwise noted. Commercial use of these items is prohibited without express permission
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