Washington Area Spark
The Washington Area Spark was a left-wing monthly tabloid that was published from 1971-73. A successor publication called On The Move published five issues from early 1974 to early 1975.

The paper began as an anarchist-leaning student paper at Montgomery College and gradually transitioned to an independent monthly newspaper that mainly covered blue collar, progressive and anti-U.S. intervention issues.

When it expanded to a Washington, D.C. area newspaper in 1973, it was widely distributed at blue collar worksites. Circulation peaked at about 25,000 in late 1973.

The paper was an all-volunteer effort. The photographs were nearly all taken by amateurs using inexpensive cameras. However, the subject matter captured was not widely photographed. The images are also from the pre-internet period.

The original images on this site are from the surviving records of the paper.

Some additional images have been added to this site including images with the permission of the DC Public Library, Star Collection, © Washington Post. Some other images have been added from the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution and other collections. These additional images have been added to provide context to the time period. Additional photo sets will be uploaded periodically.

The photographic images in this set were scanned from original negatives. This mastheads were scanned from the printed newspaper.

If you had photographs, drawings or graphics that appeared in Spark or On The Move and would like them to appear or if you would like to correct or add to information in these sets, please contact us at washington_area_spark@yahoo.com

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