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Fort Jackson recruits at boot camp: 1965 ca. | by Washington Area Spark
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Fort Jackson recruits at boot camp: 1965 ca.

U.S. Army recruits are shown at boot camp at Fort Jackson, S.C. circa 1965.


D.C. civil rights and black liberation leader Reginald Booker was immediately faced with white supremacy when he entered the service in January 1965 .


“Racism was very apparent, and very rampant in Columbia, S.C. for black soldiers… black soldiers could only go certain places in Columbia, S.C,” said Booker in an interview.


Booker went on to recount what led to a fight between black and white soldiers in his barracks.


‘They always had fights between black and white troops…see most of your non-commissioned officers in the army are white sergeants and a large percentage of them hail from the south. They still had their same rigid attitudes about black people, whether or not you were a solider.”


“I was involved in a race fight in our barracks where we lived then. I remember specifically, in the building that we lived we had approximately forty-four whites and we only had five blacks. Four brothers slept downstairs and one slept upstairs. One night the brother that was going upstairs was getting ready to go to bed, and they told him they didn’t want anymore ‘niggas’ sleeping upstairs.”


For a detailed account of Booker’s activism, victories and defeats, see


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The photographer is unknown. The image was found on Pinterest and its origins are unknown.


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Taken circa 1965