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Sulloway outrages white supremacists: 1902 | by Washington Area Spark
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Sulloway outrages white supremacists: 1902

Rep. Cyrus Sulloway (R-N.H.) served as a U.S. representative from New Hampshire who served from 1895-1913 and 1915-1919.


Sulloway was a veteran of the Civil War who practiced law before becoming involved in politics. He was a classic Republican, upholding the rights of African Americans, but a protectionist in regards to goods produced overseas.


During his congressional career he headed the committee that oversaw Civil War pensions, insuring that former soldiers received their benefits.


Sulloway outraged the white supremacists during the period when Jim Crow spread across the nation because in 1902 he:


“…almost daily has as his guest in the House [of Representatives] restaurant his negro messenger, and the two, sitting at one table, break bread together and discuss the questions of the day.”


For a detailed account of the fight against Jim Crow in the U.S. Capitol, see


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The photographer is unknown. The image is courtesy of the Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Taken circa 1900