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Cafeteria Local 471 nemesis Rep. O. C. Fisher: 1965 ca. | by Washington Area Spark
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Cafeteria Local 471 nemesis Rep. O. C. Fisher: 1965 ca.

U.S. Representative O. C. Fisher (Ovie Clark), a conservative Democrat from Texas, is shown in a photograph circa 1965.


He was a crusader against perceived communist threats in the U.S., had an anti-labor reputation, and was an unequivocal white supremacist.


He gained some prominence in Washington, D.C. in 1948 with his assistance to House Labor Subcommittee Chair Clare Hoffman’s attempt to break the predominantly African American United Cafeteria and Restaurant Workers Local 471 strike against Government Services Inc., the premier operator of federal cafeterias in the city.


In a 1967 Congressional debate, he said:


“American is plagued today with insurrections, murder, arson, looting and violence on a scale that might be expected to occur in darkest Africa. …The simple undeniable fact is that the White House and the Congress through three or four administrations must bear a major portion of the blame for the demonstrations and riots, which have rocked this nation.


“Congress enacted a major civil rights bill on May 6, 1960. The measure was ballyhooed at the time as the ultimate answer to what the politicians claimed was American’s long neglected obligation to the Negro race. What happened? Instead of satisfying Negroes it served to whet their appetites.”


“This business of passing special laws for Negroes—grand and glorious laws—amid drum beats and false utopian promises of the new life is nothing short of a cruel hoax.”


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The photographer is unknown. The image is courtesy of the Congressional Pictorial Directory.

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Taken circa 1965