White students terrorize Anacostia black students: 1954

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    White students chase newly admitted African American students October 4, 1954 at Anacostia High School.

    The students and some of their parents staged a boycott for several days at Anacostia and were joined by students at three other high schools and several junior highs.

    The most intense resistance took place at Anacostia where rallies of up to 1,000 students took place including an attempt to march across the 11th Street Bridge to rally support at other schools.

    The District’s integration took place following the Supreme Court’s Bolling v. Sharpe decision in May 1954 that was brought about by the Consolidated Parents Group. Consolidated represented parents and students living in Northeast and led a seven year fight that began with a boycott of deplorable conditions at the all black Browne Junior High on Benning Road.

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    Photo by Jack Lartz . Credit: :© Bettmann/CORBIS

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