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Happy Ramadan!



Planned to shoot and come up with something better than for this year's Ramadan. As days passed by, realized I have no more time for those heavy photoshopping and had to search one of my old photos. This one's shot about a month ago though, via iPhone. But as I never post cellphotos and prefer details over creativity, this one really suited the theme. Had a trip to Mecca and Madinah and I wish I could take my dSLR with me, but I couldn't and had to do iPhoneography all on my way just to make the most of my memories.


Alright, this has been the first time I'm posting a shot from my phone, took a fraction of a second capturing and about 2 hours post-processing, mostly on text, to be clear.


Just realized today, the photo Happy Ramadan! from last year has been doing great again on most of the stock sites since last week or two. Sold one on getty too last month. And there's that.

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Taken on July 1, 2011