De Trui Van 2016 Strawberry Earth Festival
On 9 and 10 October Strawberry Earth transformed 'Amsterdam Roest' into a sustainable paradise packed with the latest in sustainable fashion, design and food. Around 40 shops, adventurous workshops at the ‘MakersLab’, the ‘Future of Fashion’ talkshow, the results of the Strawberry Earth Academy, a ‘Big Nature Quiz’ and a Saturday night party. Makerslab The Dutch Warm Sweaterday and Wool2 (Creative City Lab) about upcycling and knitting workshop How to knit De Trui Van 2016 and a photoshoot! Foto's: Lara van der Krift voor Greenchoice Warmetruiendag en Klimaatverbond. De Trui Van is een productie van Klimaatzuster en Bedtime for Bonzo (Carolien Evers)
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