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Self Portrait Tuesday: Personal History (inspiration board 1987)

Welcome to The Den of Ward, circa 1987. (Best viewed larger.) I found this photo after going through a box of old photographs of mine, most of them dating back to my high school years. I'm very glad that I took this shot because it says so much about me and what I was into when I was a teenager. (I was 18 when I took this shot.)


I was a big Pink Floyd fan, can't you tell? And Led Zeppelin. And The Doors. And for some reason, Bob Geldof, but mostly because of that whole Live Aid thing he got started up. A whole wave of memories rushed over me while taking a closer look at all the little details here. Forgotten friends, long lost bits of paper and trinkets. Stupid stuff, silly stuff, fun stuff, serious stuff: it's all me here and it's all my past.


Compare this with my current inspiration board at work. Some similarities in the way I construct the board: basically a hodgepodge of things that interest me, inspire me, tickle me, makes me think -- you name it.


I talk more about this on my bloggity blog.

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Taken on January 31, 2006