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    bus ridin' on 8.29.2007

    I see that dude on the left from time to time. Always on his phone doing something.

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    1. Glen Mullaly 118 months ago | reply

      Nice work Ward - it's great to see more of your work.
      I'm always envious of the underlying fundamental drawing skills you have to have to be a successful animator. Your's are top-notch!

    2. wardomatic 118 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Glen -- makes my day. Even if you're fibbing.

    3. dj paine 118 months ago | reply

      the dude on the left with the ipod/phone/whatever = awesome

    4. Chris Battle 118 months ago | reply

      NIce hand theories. ...and mini-phone dude is awesome. The drawing, not the real dude.

    5. y.e.l.l.y 118 months ago | reply

      awesome doodles!!

    6. wardomatic 118 months ago | reply

      Y'know, Chris, it's so easy to fall into the Jack Davis/Samurai Jack gumstick fingers thing, so I've been trying to find a style that's similar, yet different.

      Thanks for the nice comments, guys!

    7. .....K3d...... 118 months ago | reply

      Very nice style. when i see that i can't help it but see it in 3D, would look very fresh.

    8. wardomatic 118 months ago | reply

      That would be very wild to see these characters in 3D, Javier!

    9. Ethan Hurd 118 months ago | reply

      I like those hands, nice shape.

    10. .....K3d...... 118 months ago | reply

      Hello Ward, how can i contact you?

    11. Glen Mullaly 118 months ago | reply

      I've always think of that "Jack Davis/Samurai Jack" style of hands as Merlin ( from Disney's Sword in the Stone ) hands. Do you think that might be the initial influence?

      And no... I wasn't fibbing!

    12. wardomatic 118 months ago | reply

      You know, I meant to say Jack Kirby, not Jack Davis (although, Davis' style of hands are very expressive as well) -- I was talking about the squared off fingers that Kirby was so well known for.

      Honestly, I believe that Kirby was the initial influence. But, I don't think that Milt Kahl (who designed the characters in Sword in the Stone) looked at Kirby for influence -- who's to say? I do know that Kahl was influenced by Ronald Searle, as well as were a great deal of other Disney artists at that time. Searle was big. Still is.

    13. newsquirt 118 months ago | reply

      all the new work is awesome to look at Ward!

    14. Glen Mullaly 118 months ago | reply

      I defer to your animation expertise Ward.

      Enough of those guys though - back to admiring YOUR work!

    15. Snickers 118 months ago | reply

      i like the dude on the left :) uve managed to capture personality.

    16. princess sputnik 116 months ago | reply

      love your sketches, had'nt checked out your stuff in a long time, but its always good stuff!

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