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Mugabe swaps Simon Mann for Oil Supplies?

After being spirited away illegally under Zimbabwe and International law from the notorious maximum security Chikurubi Prison last week rumours are abound as to Simon Mann's whereabouts. Read about what his alledged associates are having to deal with here along with his most likely destination. I'll post it's exact location here when I find it. ( using photos of the old black beach prison and satellite imagery available online it should be possible ) If anybody has up to date satellite or aircraft imagery of Malabo and the surrounding countryside please post using comments below. Lets put it in the public domain. (updated 12.3.08 : This would be my location confirmed by recent footage of it.)


More from the Daily Mail on Black Beach Prison and the sort of treatment those opposed to President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo can expect.




Simon Mann has been visited by US officials in Malabo, on the island of Bioko, Equitorial Guinea. Daily Telegraph storie here. No UK officials allowed to visit yet. (Since oil exploration is dominated by US companies and President Teodoro Obiang Nguema and family have several multi-million dollar properties and business interests in the USA, it's in the regime's interests to keep them sweet!)


Zimbabwe Guardian story with first pictures. Simon Mann has been paraded around on Malabo TV.


I wonder if President Mugabe will be helping other nations with their extradition requests now. How about the extradition requests for Ethiopia's Marxist ex-ruler, Mengistu Haile Mariam, found guilty of genocide after a 12-year trial in Ethiopia. After overthrowing the Emperor Haile Selassie, thousands of suspected opponents were rounded up and executed and their bodies tossed on the streets.


I would hazard a guess that genocide in another country far out does the purchasing of arms illegaly.


Interestingly the arms were being supplied by ZDI a Zimbabwean government controlled arms company! The arms were intented to be handed over in the Congo but they didn't show so Mann and his men were forced to form 'Plan B' which meant they had to land at Harare for their weapons. BAD CALL They'd been setup!!




Simon Mann visited by British official in Malabo prison.




Story of a woman recently detained in Black Beach Prison without charge and placed in a cell with 70-100 men. (Amnesty International)




The Independent run an article on how people are quick to make judgements on Simon Mann's plight. He's not the first privateer to have the UK government deny knowledge of or complicity with and he won't be the last given the far more politically acceptable use of private contractors in achieving political goals overseas these days.




Finally a decent bit of exposure in The Mail on Sunday's newspaper about his story. It seems he's been interviewed by Channel4 News. How is it that a reporter can get to see him when his own lawyer hasn't been allowed to see him? The Daily Mail has an article online stating he's been allowed legal representation by a Malabo lawyer. Also, that things could be cooling as regards what could happen to him after. Lawyers in the UK are still drawing attention to remarks made in the past by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo as to what he would do to Mann.


19.03.08 You must read this if you want to get a better understanding of the Simon Mann story. He's been given a month to sort his defence ready for a court chase in Malabo, Eguitorial Guinea. Lets hope it goes his way.

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Taken on February 6, 2008