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beignets::deep fried challah

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deep fried challah!!! yummy doughnuts for breakfast, plain, chocolate, and jam filled, so good, so bad, yes, i officially need to be on a diet!!! :)

ahh, this one hit explore for a brief moment....*sigh*

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  1. Uma- 61 months ago | reply

    the image is fantastic and those look so delicious.
    i feel i gain weight just by viewing your stream!

  2. herreragirls {{Heidi}} 61 months ago | reply

    thanks! :)

    this is AMAZING breakfast food and they taste just as good cold!!! this is a recipe from artisan bread in fine minutes a day...the dough keeps in the fridge for five days. i made two loaves of challah and two batches of these beignets with the dough i had in my fridge.

    HAH!!! imagine being me!!! i've probably gained like five pounds over the last couple weeks. time to lighten things up!!! i'm actually afraid to weigh myself! :)

  3. all the fine things 61 months ago | reply

    I love challa and the thought of it deep fried is giving me goosebumps. Expecially if it tastes as good as you make it look!

  4. Gosling Gray 61 months ago | reply

    very nocely captured

  5. photos by nadya 61 months ago | reply

    Omg those look soooo good! Yumm

  6. team sass 61 months ago | reply

    Wow, these look so decadent and delicious that I would probably eat about 3 too many!

  7. herreragirls {{Heidi}} 61 months ago | reply

    thank you!!!

    oh i did!!! maybe more like four too many!!! :)

  8. luvpublishing 61 months ago | reply

    Yum! These look wonderfully delicious! Now I'm craving deep fried scones that I grew up on in Idaho.

  9. {.erika.} 61 months ago | reply

    What do you do with the oil afterwards? That has always stopped me from frying anything. Truly the only reason.

  10. observed.by.diane 61 months ago | reply

    I love everything about this image: subject matter (beignets and the lovely cloth too), the detail, use of shallow dof, colours, everything!

  11. herreragirls {{Heidi}} 61 months ago | reply

    oh my, deep fried scones sound heavenly!!!

    i was wondering exactly that earlier today, so i jumped online...apparently, used oil can be stored and reused (so i am considering this, more beignets sound good!!!) it can also be composted if you have a compost pile (unfortunately i don't, but i hope to someday soon!), there are also restaurants that will take your used oil and add it to theirs (they recycle it into reusable materials apparently), cities like San Francisco have an oil recycling program (i don't think we do here), otherwise, let it cool, put it in a plastic jug or a paper milk carton or an empty coffee can and toss it in the trash. To be earth friendly I'm thinking the paper milk carton sounds best for this. Lots of options! :)

  12. Soleil is me. 61 months ago | reply

    Bravo! how to captured this; I like your idea; be happy to join my group.....
    SPLENDID IMAGE; YOUR WORK IS THE BEST.. by The Admin. considered.

    You are INVITED to display this wonderful photo
    in the INSPIRE Pool
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  13. CarolynsHope 61 months ago | reply

    You have so many yummy things in your kitchen, I'm coming over!! :) Love the tones in this.

  14. {.erika.} 61 months ago | reply

    Thanks! And my tummy thanks you. My thighs would like to slap you ;)

  15. Bine [was eigenes] 61 months ago | reply

    brilliant shot. looks sooo yummy!

  16. kristin~mainemomma 61 months ago | reply

    OH you need to share!!!!!!!
    want , no need one!

  17. brixton 51 months ago | reply

    I so want to eat this right now!

  18. lindsatomica 27 months ago | reply

    Those look amazing!

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