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north korea

North Korea - Mt Paektu - Kim Il-Sung and his son Kim Jung-Il.


The sacred Paektu Mountains are with its 2,750 meters the highest in Korea. They are also called the ancestral mountains and have been worshipped forever. Paektu-san are located in the north, near the Chinese border.

The name Paektu-san means, "white-capped mountains". They are covered with white stone and on the peaks there is eternal snow. High up there is the beautiful crater lake Chon. On the top it is cold, the yearly average temperature being -8,3˚C (max 18˚C, min -47˚C) and there is a strong wind blowing.

The mountains also have a revolutionary history. It was here where Kim Il Sung established his headquarters in the struggle against the Japanese usurpers. It was here where the Loved Leader Kim Jong Il was born, thus re-emphasizing very old Korean beliefs.


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Taken in September 2011