Jack Haddock's Trolleybus Memories
Jack Haddock's Trolleybus Memories

An Exhibition of photographs at Walsall Local History Centre.

Opens Friday 1 October and runs for 3 months. Admission FREE.

Jack Haddock, an amateur photographer, local historian and cyclist from Walsall, has been documenting the town's transportation systems in camera and in writing since the 1950s.

This is his third exhibition of some of the rarest and best images from his fine collection of prints and transparencies held in the borough archives at Walsall Local History Centre in Essex Street. Previous exhibitions have focused on steam railways and the twilight years of canal transport.

This new exhibition of Jack's photographs of Walsall's justly famous electric-powered trolleybus network in the 1950s-60s shows a system which was innovative and effective in its day as an alternative to oil powered transport.

In Jack's evocative images of a time gone by yet within recent memory, the legendary light-blue 'whispering giants' of Walsall Corporation Transport mingle with the green and cream Wolverhampton trolleybuses which shared part of our local council's network of overhead-cabled routes.

The exhibition offers something for everyone. Children can marvel at what travel used to be like, a generation of young passengers who are now parents and grandparents will remember their trolleybus days, for the transport enthusiast there are rare, unpublished pictures and those who value the environment can ponder the benefits of a cleaner, greener system of transport.

The exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the end of trolleybus transportation in Walsall, the last journey taking place on 3 October 1970.

Walsall Local History Centre is Walsall Council's archives and local studies service for Walsall Metropolitan Borough. Housed in a converted Edwardian school in Essex Street, north Walsall, admission is free of charge. Opening hours may be found on the Centre's website or by telephoning or emailing.

Contact Walsall Local History Centre: Tel: 01922 721305.

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This Flickr exhibition is a preview ONLY. Prints in the actual exhibition are A3 in size.

COPYRIGHT All of these photos are copyright Jack Haddock. No use or distribution without written permission from Walsall Local History Centre.
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