Don't Shop - Prescott, AZ

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    In response to the increasing strain that Wal-Mart is putting on the community of Prescott, AZ, Jeff Daverman takes direct action and encourages locals to boycott the retailer.
    Photo Credit: Jeff Daverman

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    1. Iced Guardian 114 months ago | reply

      Vandalism is still against the law, right?

    2. ksk691 114 months ago | reply

      You defaced a stop sign? YOU DEFACED A STOP SIGN!! And you want to stop the evil at walmart? Vandalism is an excellant role model for our kids. Good heavens.

    3. archieoi 114 months ago | reply

      Vandalism that makes people challange the wrongs in our society or a corporation that is making slaves out of the American worker... I wonder what is worse for kids?

    4. jill1138 114 months ago | reply

      Vandalism... when will it stop?

    5. Queso-PDX 106 months ago | reply

      Hah I tried to get a job at this Wal Mart but they wouldnt hire me cause like I had independet views...

      fuck wal mart!

    6. save_das_welt 103 months ago | reply

      Two questions for professor ARCHIEOI:
      1. Since when does vandalism "MAKE" people challenge wrongs in our society --- when vandalism IS a wrong in and of itself? ANS: IT DOESN'T. Archieoi is a moronic liberal panty-waste brain fart.
      2. Where do you get off suggesting that a corporation is making slaves our of us Americans -- and that they're doing that to our children? ANS: They're not! Archieoi is a moronic liberal panty-waste brain fart.
      One further thought. Why the heck are you jockying for the George Soros and Jeffery Sachs panty-waste of the year award?

    7. save_das_welt 103 months ago | reply

      Question for Professor Queso-PDX ( if that's your real name...!):
      1. If Walmart is such a personification of corporate EVIL, then why in the world would you want to work for them?
      2. Are you SURE they didn't hire you because of your "independent views"? Can you provide evidence of this rediculous claim you make here? What were your "views"? What was the reply of the interviewer? What was said during the conversation? Or are you just brain-farting the usual Liberal-progressive-we-care-more-than-you-do-isms WITHOUT logically thinking about the fact that someone with a BRAIN might actually engage you in a discussion about your stupid remarks? DURRRRRR......

    8. save_das_welt 103 months ago | reply

      Question for professor jill1138:
      Are you suggesting that a cave is public property, such as a stop sign is public property -- and that writing on a cave wall is as much vandalism as is defacing public property, e.g. a stop sign?
      Because if you are (and it appears that you are...), then your argument is fundamentally flawed. But then so is liberalism, and so is Marxism, and so is socialism, and so is George Soros and his goofy army of moronic, lock-step, panty-waste, brain-farts.

    9. Queso-PDX 102 months ago | reply

      1. Better than being a street pimp eh? And more to the point, I was unemployed and looking for work. Who said I said Coporations where evil there smarty?

      2. Independent from a mass horde at that place. You take a survey when they hire you about your views and stuff, I dont like to lie so I was honest on it. Anyway I think a few of my awnsers didnt pop up like the way they wanted someone to answer. Its been a long time, so I dont remember them all. I know one was have you ever done anything dangerous on the job that was outside of your normal tasks.. or somthing like that, I put Yeah. Another one..and this is the pisser...

      "John likes to smoke a joint at home. He never smokes at work and is a good worker. Would you tell the boss if he was smoking out?" I put No cause it shouldnt matter that people do at home as long as it doesnt effect perfromance at work..

      besides I dont need to write an essay everytime i post dum dum. :D

    10. liormania 100 months ago | reply

      I think it's a great idea, but my problem is that you defaced specifically a stop sign. That's really dangerous you know, there's a reason why they put the sign there

    11. Jennoit 89 months ago | reply

      Cool idea - great pic. I lived in Prescott for awhile in 2005 and I thought the Wal-Mart had moved from this location by that time?

    12. orphan_moon 83 months ago | reply

      Very nice, you pinhead! You hate Wal-Mart. So you vandalize a stop sign? Stupid. And besides, the Wal-Mart you are showing was in Frontier Village. Which is actually on the Yavapai Reservation. It's been moved now. To within the Prescott city limits. And they built another over at Ponderosa Plaza. They must be doing something right! Seems like the parking lot is always full!

      Besides, Prescott is a waste of a town. It's basically California transplants buying prefabricated houses. The rest are construction workers building houses to sell to construction workers so they can move here and build more houses. There's not a flat surface in Prescott that someone hasn't built something on.

      Prescott tries very hard to put on the "America's Home Town" vibe. But let's be real. It's most prominent feature is "Whiskey Row". Great! A load of bars. That's the allure? Prescott sucks! Just another overrated, overpriced, and overbuilt one horse town.

    13. FeeBeeDee 82 months ago | reply

      Interesting comments, people seem to be really worried that you altered a stop sign. Do they really think people won't be able to tell they're supposed to stop there?

    14. sykephotography 77 months ago | reply

      Wow.... defacing a Stop Sign.... thats brilliant. So when someone runs that stop sign (for any reason at all) and kills a car load of people you will be hung for it. The first thing the investigators will do is find out who vandalized that stop sign. It has your name written all over it. On the internet for everyone to see. You will get named in the lawsuit. Can you say... Prison Time? You are about as stupid as the kids that removed the stop signs and filmed people running the intersection... a few years back. Get a life.... oh and Wal-Mart has some good sales going on right now. :)
      -My brother is a Prescott PD officer. I have lived in the Prescott area for 15 years. I'm from Southern California. Its a great place to be from.

    15. BundleHQ 58 months ago | reply

      Thank you for making this creative commons! We loved your photo so much, we're using it to illustrate a story called "Fake goods: low prices, big problems." Check it out here:

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