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NYC - Bronx - Bronx Zoo: Grizzly Bears

The grizzly bear, sometimes called the silvertip bear, is a powerful brownish-yellow bear that lives in the uplands of western North America. It has traditionally been treated as a subspecies, Ursus arctos horribilis, of the brown bear living in North America.


Grizzly bears reach weights of 400–1,500 pounds. Their coloring ranges widely across geographic areas, from blond to deep brown or black. These differences, once attributed to subspeciation, are now thought to be primarily due to the different environments these bears inhabit, particularly with regard to diet and temperature. The grizzly has a large hump over the shoulders which is a muscle mass used to power the forelimbs in digging. The head is large and round with a concave facial profile. In spite of their massive size, these bears can run at speeds of up to 35mph.


The current range of the grizzly bear extends from Alaska, south through much of Western Canada, and into portions of the Northwestern United States including Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, extending as far south as Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Its original range also included much of the Great Plains and the Southwestern states, but it has been extirpated in most of those areas. The grizzly currently enjoys legal protection in the United States. There are currently about 60,000 wild grizzly bears currently located throughout North America.



The Bronx Zoo, located within the Bronx Park, is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States, comprising 265 acres of parklands and naturalistic habitats and home to over 4,000 animals. Focused on conservation, it opened on November 8, 1899, with 22 exhibits, 843 animals. The zoo's origins date back to 1895, with the establishment of the New york Zoological Society (NYZS), renamed Wild Conservation Scoiety (WCS) in 1993. Only the outer structure of the World of Reptiles remains much as it was in 1899. With the 1941 opening of African Plains, the Bronx Zoo was one of the first U.S. zoos to move away from cages and exhibit animals in naturalistic habitats.


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Taken on April 21, 2007