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NYC - Bronx - Bronx Zoo: Jungle World - Javan Lutung | by wallyg
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NYC - Bronx - Bronx Zoo: Jungle World - Javan Lutung

The Javan Lutung (Trachypithecus auratus), also known as the Ebony Lutung, Ebony Langur and Javan Langur, is an Old World monkey from the Colobinae subfamily. It is normally glossy black with a brownish tinge to its legs, sides, and "sideburns". It is found and endemic to the island of Java, as well as on several of the surrounding Indonesian islands. One population in eastern Java has reddish brown fur like some of those picture here.


Like all langurs, this species' tail is noticeably long, measuring up to 87 cm in length while the body is only around 55 cm long. The Javan Lutung inhabits the interior and peripheral areas of rainforests. This primate is diurnal and arboreal, and its diet is primarily herbivorous. Like other langurs, the Javan Lutung is a social animal, living in groups of around seven, with one or two adult males in the group.




The Bronx Zoo, located within the Bronx Park, is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States, comprising 265 acres of parklands and naturalistic habitats and home to over 4,000 animals. Focused on conservation, it opened on November 8, 1899, with 22 exhibits, 843 animals. The zoo's origins date back to 1895, with the establishment of the New york Zoological Society (NYZS), renamed Wild Conservation Scoiety (WCS) in 1993. Only the outer structure of the World of Reptiles remains much as it was in 1899. With the 1941 opening of African Plains, the Bronx Zoo was one of the first U.S. zoos to move away from cages and exhibit animals in naturalistic habitats.

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Taken on April 21, 2007