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NYC - MoMA: Design and the Elastic Mind - Humans vs. Chimps

Humans vs. Chimps

Ben Fry (American, b. 1975)


It is widely known that humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestor, but when the first analytical comparison of human and chimpanzee genomes was released in 2005, it became office: humans are 98.77 percent chimpanzee. Fry's Human's vs. Chimps image accompanied an article about these foundings in Seed magazine in 2005. In his visualization, Fry shows how the gene FOXP2 differs in humans and chimps, a part of that 1.23 percent difference, linked to language. All of the nearly seventy-five thousand letters of gene are depicted; nine letters--shown with red dots--indicate the only significant differences.


Design and the Elastic Mind, on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art from February 24-May 12, 2008, explores the reciprocal relationship between science and design in the contemporary world by bringing together design objects and concepts that marry the most advanced scientific research with attentive consideration of human limitations, habits, and aspirations. The exhibition highlights designers

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Taken on March 16, 2008