Personal geography of 2011

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    Last year's for comparison. Other people doing similar things: Octoferret, Jeremy Anderson.

    In general, black is walking, red is bicycling, blue is cars or buses, and green is above-ground rapid transit or freeways. (Color is from speed, not from an actual record of transportation mode.) Not shown: tunnels and subways.

    How big is your world?

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    1. Steven Vance 62 months ago | reply

      Which GPS device are you using? I don't always carry mine, but I always save the results. Can I send you my logs?

    2. Eric Fischer 62 months ago | reply

      I have a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx. Sure, I'd be happy to help with your logs if they aren't in too obscure a format.

    3. Octoferret 62 months ago | reply

      Here's my version

    4. Steven Vance 62 months ago | reply

      They are in GPX format. Expect an email soon. I'm really excited to see the results.

    5. shanan 62 months ago | reply

      Seems like you have been exploring sf less!

    6. Eric Fischer 62 months ago | reply

      Probably true, unfortunately. Only 6 instances that I can see (7 if you count Treasure Island as SF) of conscious exploring rather than returning to familiar places.

    7. ////\ 62 months ago | reply

      I like this a lot

    8. serazin 62 months ago | reply

      You should come on out to East Oakland! Lots to document and comment on out here like cool old Key Line archeology (now odd diagonal streets) and traffic deathtraps!

    9. Eric Fischer 62 months ago | reply

      Hmm, traffic deathtraps don't really sound like my idea of a good time, but I'll be happy to take advice on good places to walk around that I don't know about yet.

    10. serazin 62 months ago | reply

      Hmm, well there's a Carnegie library at 48th and Foothill, right where the street curves which I believe was a function of the electric line and railway lines that ran there. Mills College is nice for walking around. Brooklyn/East Lake/San Antionio has weird old streets and houses. I love International Blvd for restaurants, old architecture and cultural vibrancy. The Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline is bike accessible and has some great views. It's a bit post-industrial feeling, but that's a plus for me. And there's a great lawn-style park, Arroyo Viejo, with a bit of daylighted creek. Dimond Park is cool too and I like to walk Sausel Creek behind it. I like the bridges to Alameda because they're old-fashioned and visually interesting. Throughout East Oakland you'll still find these little shopping districts that are leftovers of the original development process during the streetcar suburb development period. Most have a movie theater (now they're often serving as churches, storefronts, apartment houses, or are just empty), an ice cream store, barber shops, nailshops etc, but often some older businesses that have managed to survive, like Laurel Drugs.

      East Oakland is so sprawling, it's hard to get far on foot. It's pretty bikeable though, except for the whole traffic deathtrap factor. I find the Bancroft bike lane pretty good.

    11. Eric Fischer 62 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the tips. I will try to check some of them out. I have to say that "so sprawling, it's hard to get far on foot" isn't great encouragement for exploring on foot, though.

    12. nickybee3 62 months ago | reply

      Hey Eric...I thought I'd snag you in an active thread ;)
      Do you ever help/advise startups with visualisations...

      I'm at nick(at) - Chris Osbourne (@osbornec) recommended you...

    13. serazin 62 months ago | reply

      Yes, valid point. More like, bike to a neighborhood, then explore on foot from there. Although you can certainly walk International Blvd from the Lake all the way to San Leandro.

    14. returnoftheyeti 62 months ago | reply

      Its somewhat interesting the the Runway at OAK is blue....

    15. Eric Fischer 62 months ago | reply

      Thanks for noticing! That line at OAK is from me turning on the GPS as soon as we were back on the ground, returning from New York.

    16. Steven Vance 62 months ago | reply

      Eric, can you make a frequency table that shows the time/distance spent on each mode (né, "speed groups")?

    17. Eric Fischer 62 months ago | reply

      The results aren't as depressing as I thought they were going to be: 307 hours at walking speeds, 116 hours at biking speeds, 170 hours at moderate motor speeds, and 200 hours at fast motor speeds. An improvement over the previous year, and I hope I continue to get closer to living my life right.

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