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Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twitter tweets. White dots are locations that have been posted to both.

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  1. nausitoo 45 months ago | reply

    How is it possible that the main core of Tokyo, the big imperial palace, that it is closed to the public, has so many flickr red dots? I am quite curios about it.

  2. Eric Fischer 45 months ago | reply

    Maybe people have taken pictures from a distance but tagged them with the location of the building itself instead of their vantage point? Flickr locations are user-editable, so they could be total lies, and it's only the large number of people involved that keeps the aggregate information honest.

  3. nausitoo 45 months ago | reply

    Eric you're right. And it's amazing how it is easy to localize all the stations in tokyo following twitter...maybe because japanese people can use mobile phones inside the subway...
    By the way the graphic result of your image is great!

  4. Ivan Heiska 45 months ago | reply

    Very nice indeed. Took the liberty to note a bunch of locations. I live at the northeast corner of the Yanaka Graveyard area. :)

    I like how parks and green areas appear orange here.

  5. nicwn 44 months ago | reply

    @nausitoo It's probably not the same problem, but I was living in Nakanobu, a few km Southwest of the Imperial Palace, but somehow when I choose "auto locate myself" in some apps, sometimes they put me right inside the palace! :P I found that amusing :)

    This is awesome! Flickr hasn't been in the social media spotlight in recent years, even though people are still uploading to Flickr as their default online photo sharing service. I just hope more mobile apps will integrate w/ Flickr!!!

  6. 0olong 33 months ago | reply

    What's with the regularly spaced twitter hotspots leading off to the west, about a quarter of the way down the image?

  7. miyuki.uido 14 months ago | reply

    This is incredible!

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