• more proof that using your mobile phone on a plane during start and landing does not interfere with critical systems scrap that, this is the A9 motorway - Paul Keller
  • Schiphol Airport - Blau Zahl
  • These 3 lines seem to be roads intersecting. - Blau Zahl
  • Hoofddorp: not in Amsterdam anymore... - Blau Zahl
  • Haarlem - Blau Zahl
  • Zandvoort - Blau Zahl
  • North Sea - Blau Zahl
  • Canal entrance, ferry to Newcastle - Blau Zahl
  • Nobody seems to care about the canal here. Even though there is a road on either side, and other highways on here seem heavily tweeted. - Blau Zahl
  • Amsterdam Arena, home ground of football club Ajax - Alamagordo
  • NDSM-werf - a former shipyard that's quite photogenic. Currently a popular cultural hotspot. - Alamagordo
  • Vondelpark - Alamagordo
  • Keukenhof (lot of pretty tulips) - TheCherenkovEffect
  • This will be the Zaanse Schans, I think. - :lynn:
  • And Purmerend. - :lynn:
  • What tourists would consider "Amsterdam": The concentric u-shaped canals. - Blau Zahl

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Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twitter tweets. White dots are locations that have been posted to both.

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  1. Web 3.0 lab light side 34 months ago | reply

    Our real time tracker of tweets always show Amsterdam very high


    Our total Web 3.0 analysis of Amsterdam shows how it is a center of user created data

  2. jrparker811 34 months ago | reply

    It seems like hundreds of people are going to have to die in a plane crash before there is "proof" enough for some people that they should follow directions about not using their phone when asked not to.

  3. Eric Fischer 34 months ago | reply

    More charitably, it could be people waiting for their flights or announcing their arrival instead of tweeting from the plane.

    Thanks for the link to the real-time tweet tracker. I'll check it out.

  4. Janine4d 34 months ago | reply

    All those blue lines are people tweeting from their cars about the traffic jams they're stuck in :)

  5. Blau Zahl 34 months ago | reply

    The "airplane" route looks a lot like the road labeled A9 on google maps.

  6. Blau Zahl 34 months ago | reply

    Less than 25% of this is actually Amsterdam. I'm not sure how far out locals would consider something to be "Amsterdam", so I didn't label it. But I tried labeling other cities. I don't think the lake on the other side of Amsterdam is on your map, but you can really see how people love taking photos along the canal that leads to it.

    I'm not sure what that is slightly Northwest of the Amsterdam canal that everyone is taking photos of. Buiksloterham?

    And the airport is large: I bet everybody is tweeting that they just landed. And that *has* to be A9, not a plane track of some sort. Who would tweet continuously anyway?

    This is one of your cities that would benefit from a zoom, at least if you want to not concentrate mostly on the countryside. :)

  7. Blau Zahl 34 months ago | reply

    This and some of the other Dutch cities would be nice candidates for zooms. Maybe pick most everything inside that highway circle around Amsterdam? I'll admit to being curious how much data there is over the lake to the left of it, actually. So far your Dutch maps have kind of covered the northwest third of the country. I'd like to see the giant body of water in the middle. Lelysland must have a bunch of tourist photos...

    And I'll admit to a personal interest in Zwolle. :) But I suspect there isn't much there compared to the other cities.

    Highways are really obvious on these, but I haven't figured out where the trainlines are. Surely I am just missing them? Maybe if I knew Utrecht better...

  8. Eric Fischer 34 months ago | reply

    Sorry about the bad choice of scale. Always a difficult compromise between showing enough for large cities without showing too much around small cities. What I really need to do is make a zoomable version where you can see whatever area you want (with labels too if you want them!).

  9. Paul Keller 34 months ago | reply

    @blau zahl yes you are right, just realized that myself. guess my misperception was du to the fact that i fly much more than i sit in cars...

  10. Blau Zahl 34 months ago | reply

    How did you pick scale here? Are all the maps the same?

  11. Bendert Katier 34 months ago | reply

    Is there a real time list which compares different cities intensities? Wondering which city has the highest intensity.

  12. Eric Fischer 34 months ago | reply

    Yes, they are all to the same scale, 20 miles on a side, chosen because the 15-mile size of the earlier maps I posted didn't seem large enough to encompass whole metro areas of Twitter usage, but 20 miles looked pretty good.

    I don't know what you mean exactly by highest intensity, but New York had the most recorded tweets, London the second most, etc., in the order I posted them. But that is total tweets in the entire area, not a measure of how tightly they are focused.

  13. Hans_van_Rijnberk 34 months ago | reply

    i love it! awesome work eric!

  14. JoostAH 30 months ago | reply

    You say you posted the cities/areas in order of absolute number of tweets? From that perspective it is rather amazing to see how three Dutch areas find themselves in the middle of just 47 mainly huge multi-mullion cities, considering no Dutch city even reaches the one-million barrier.

  15. Eric Fischer 30 months ago | reply

    Yes. There is enormously more geotagged Twitter use in the Netherlands than in other places with the same population and I don't know why.

  16. JoostAH 30 months ago | reply

    Yesterday I checked out some more of your maps, they are really great!

    As for twitter use in the Netherlands i might have an answer. Since I am Dutch myself, I'm probably more intrigued than you, but I'll share my thoughts with you anyway.

    As already stated in other comments, there is a big population density. On top of that, the Netherlands are among the top-10 wealthiest countries in the world. Not surprisingly, we have one of the highest internet penetrations in the world. A similar combination of those three factors can only be found in South-Korea I guess (At least, when you take in consider countries a bit bigger than city-states).

    So far for stats you probably already know. I think a 4th factor might be a crucial one. You see, I reckon our mobile phone system is quite unique. Phones are generally free when taking on an contract (mostly 2-year I guess), even the smartphones. Next to that, (fair-use) unlimited internet access was made very cheap. And whats the use of a smartphone with no internetaccess? So owning a smartphone, texting, calling and going online with it costs only +- 30 euro's a month all-together. Not surprisingly, smartphones with internet are rapidly taking over. This makes geotagging especially, and twitter use in general more obvious to use right?

    (As a result of massive data usage increase, mobile phone providers are revoking from their own system. It feels like they took their losses for years in order to hook us up to mobile internet, and now it's payback time. But I think in time free Wifi will take over)

    Greetings from Groningen!

  17. Blau Zahl 29 months ago | reply

    Are there significantly more smartphone users in the Netherlands than elsewhere in Europe?

    Are people tweeting on highways in traffic jams? Pausing from biking? Highways are very well mapped on here.

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