European detail map of Flickr and Twitter locations

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Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twitter tweets. White dots are locations that have been posted to both.

Reminds me of the cover art for King Crimson's Islands.

I should have replaced this with another image with more detail and better choice of projection.

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  1. peterpur 34 months ago | reply

    very impressive. you should take the pictures to some print-on-demand-poster-shop and sell them online. btw. nice to find someone who knows king crimson :D

  2. ARMLE 34 months ago | reply

    Very cool, featured here.

  3. KampsTheDutch 33 months ago | reply

    netherlands is poppin

  4. Stichting Tijd 33 months ago | reply

    Compare the cover of National Geographic (Dutch Edition, november 2008) :

    Link to this magazine here

  5. Eric Fischer 33 months ago | reply

    Wow, that does look familiar!

  6. kendysign1 33 months ago | reply

    Go Netherlands !! :D

  7. yupius 33 months ago | reply

    Now I know why I have many friends in Europe.

  8. KrisSkyWalker 33 months ago | reply

    Awesome!!! I can see paris:)

  9. Pater JPM 32 months ago | reply

    fascinating work... saw the article in the WashPost Mag...

  10. Rebel Tucser 31 months ago | reply

    Saw it on Google+ and can't believe my eyes !

  11. James Bray San Isidro, Costa Rica 28 months ago | reply

    Look at how dark Russia and Ukraine are! Only Moscow & St Petersburg are bright spots; says a lot about how dense light pollution. Getting hard to find a place to see the stars at night.

  12. Eric Fischer 28 months ago | reply

    This is not a photo of light pollution. It is a visualization of Flickr and Twitter usage.

  13. ratexla 27 months ago | reply

    Lots of Flickr in the beautiful mountains. :)

  14. Calvin2K 22 months ago | reply

    Operation Barbarossa has begun!

  15. Frischluftjunky 16 months ago | reply

    I wonder what's with all the tweets over the atlantic ocean. There are not that many islands in the atlantic, are there?

  16. ratexla 16 months ago | reply

    probably people tweeting excitedly about their overseas flights :)

  17. Blau Zahl 13 months ago | reply

    The really bright spots are islands. The more random ones could be people on boats.

  18. S_P_Morris 6 months ago | reply

    Aaah, King Crimson. Class act, class act. The remasters they have been releasing over the past few years are superb, and I love their bootlegs. Thanks for the visualisation, Eric, very interesting.

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