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Official Map of the City of San Francisco (1854) | by Eric Fischer
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Official Map of the City of San Francisco (1854)

Pasted together from San Francisco Recorder's Maps W43-45. This is an astounding treasure of forgotten street names and grid extensions and it's a shame it is so hard to read.


The Mission grid (all of which is named instead of numbered here: Ridley, Tracy, Sparks, Center, Corbett, etc.) would have extended south beyond today's Brook (could have been 31st) to Cedar, Spruce, Oliver, Almond, Jamute(?), and an unnamed 37th Street, with half-block streets Ash, Locust, Willow, and two more I can't read.


There is no Potrero grid as such; the Mission grid extends east with north-south names continued from South of Market. West of Dolores are Silver, Crystal, Pearl, Diamond(!), Blackwell, Douglass, Homer(?), Young America, Ocean, and Sonora.


South of McAllister are Shillaber, Parsons, Hays, William, Graham, Haight, Middleton, Beverly, Sanders, Fell, Farrar(?), Lake, Grand, Ada, Belle, Solano, Yolo, Madison, Waterloo, Volcano(?), Illinois, St. Mary, Rosalla(?), and something I can't read. North of Jefferson are Collier, Sage, Purdy, Alcatraz, Lobos, and Saucelito. (The last of these I can't read but is on Recorder's Map W67)


West of Larkin, the streets that are named Sparks, Marlette, Webster, Division, Laguna, Phelps, Halleck, Wright, Billings, Holkins, and Montague on some other maps of this era are more numbered streets: West First, etc.


Market Street is a straight diagonal out to what would have once between called Alvarado and Foerster (here Louis and Sonora), at the top of Twin Peaks, and beyond.


Corrections welcome if anyone else is any better at reading these than I am. Sorry the Original size is so huge and yet also so fuzzy.

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Taken on January 15, 1854