Race and ethnicity: Washington, DC

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I was astounded by Bill Rankin's map of Chicago's racial and ethnic divides and wanted to see what other cities looked like mapped the same way. To match his map, Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, Orange is Hispanic, Gray is Other, and each dot is 25 people. Data from Census 2000. Base map © OpenStreetMap, CC-BY-SA

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  1. max.bendet 73 months ago | reply

    aaronw1 I live in a van, down by the Potomac river.

  2. skycloudia 73 months ago | reply

    These maps are awesome! I was just curious, what are the units of area you used? Census tract or block groups or blocks?

  3. Eric Fischer 73 months ago | reply

    Thanks! This uses the block-level data.

  4. leirodad 73 months ago | reply

    Could you animate these maps to show change over time?

  5. s1237 73 months ago | reply

    A lot has changed in the last 10 years though.

  6. rosseroo 73 months ago | reply

    This is a really interesting display of info, it will be super interesting to compare to the 2010 data map. One reason to adjust the color scheme is that at certain magnifications, the Hispanic yellowy-orange and African-American blue combine to make Asian greenishness appear.

  7. skywatcher68 73 months ago | reply

    The "little enclave of inhabitants" seems to be Penn Quarter & Chinatown.

  8. mrkyt 73 months ago | reply

    Thanks skywatcher68. The people seem isolated (relatively) from the rest of DC neighborhoods.

  9. thomas.s.lee 73 months ago | reply

    Correct, the little enclave is indeed Penn Quarter/Chinatown. Only a handful of Asians live in Chinatown, which is mostly shops. Off on the side streets in older rooming homes live some Chinese families. They look like recent arrivals and may work in the shops and restaurants in Chinatown.

    The small, dark cluster of are the result of a few luxury condos that were built within the last 5 years. I live there. It's a great spot to be. It's close t the mall and the museums and the art galleries. The theater district is there to so there are plays to go see. There are many restaurants and shops as well. I love it. It's a weird place to be living among office buildings and in th middle of a major tourist zone.

  10. thomas.s.lee 73 months ago | reply

    Tony Ross

    No those are actually Asian residents. and not some optical illusion. Asians live along the Orange live extending ou in viginia and as well as in the Silver Spring area in Maryland. All the best restaurants are up there so I hear...

  11. GenFranco 73 months ago | reply

    To be accurate, this is metro DC, not Washington DC.

    I have a condo a mile from Georgetown in Arlington VA and it might as well be in a completely different country.

  12. galxyclimb 73 months ago | reply

    Mt Pleasant is so pretty and colorful! I love my neighborhood!

  13. Eric Fischer 72 months ago | reply

    Replaced with new image that represents the shapes of census blocks accurately.

  14. sunnylane 72 months ago | reply

    No blue dot at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW?

  15. Eric Fischer 72 months ago | reply

    The data is from 2000... You'll have to wait for the release of the 2010 tabulations in June.

  16. the-empress 71 months ago | reply

    Ah, so this is a 10-year-old picture. That explains why there are so few Hispanic dots in the Oxon Hill area of Prince George's County, which has changed greatly. Also, it said in The Post today that D.C. is now only 53 percent black. I'm looking forward to the new release! (Could you make the colors contrast more -- instead of red and orange, for example, how about red and green? And for easier orientation, could you at least clearly delineate the D.C. boundary?

  17. hawk65632 68 months ago | reply

    College Park is not north west of DC; emm_aye was way off. It should at least be south of Greenbelt.

  18. K_rho 68 months ago | reply

    A nice derivative map has been created a couple of days ago : Race and ethnicity map of Washington, D.C.

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