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He Carried (AYPB #2)

Mission (AYPB #4) Veered On Course (AYPB #3) He Carried (AYPB #2) As You Passed By (#1)

My "As You Pass By" collection... To be honest, I think this is an interesting expression of innate, almost voyeuristic, interest in people... watching them, contemplating them, intrigued by them... Yet... Yet, I'm certainly not one to approach a stranger, certainly not one, yet (yet) to ask to do a portrait... certainly not of a stranger... and even, really, not even of a person for a formal portrait...

Thus, as they pass me by, I take their picture. These people, these characters, who I contemplate... as they pass me by.

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Monty-e* says:

An interesting concept and an interesting set!
Posted 67 months ago. ( permalink )

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