Found Brindle Pitbull Mix Dog in Colorado Springs, CO on April 17th, 2011, Needs a Home too ...

FOUND, Sunday April 17th, 2011 a large brindle dog that appears to be a pitbull type, maybe with some boxer, or as some have suggested, American Bulldog. He was found at the Albertson's parking lot at highway 115 (South Neveda Ave) and Cheyenne Mountain Blvd at around 14:00 today in Colorado Springs, CO. It appears that he may have been dumped there intentionally, for a van was seen letting the dog out and taking off. The poor scared dog chased the van for a distance, scared of being left alone.


He would not leave the area where he was abandoned. He appears to be a very well kept dog with excellant manners. He was so terrified that it took about six hours to capture him.


If you have lost a dog, or maybe it was stolen from you by some bad people that decided they did not want him for he was way too gentle, please contact me via email, or post here. Rest assured, he is safe.


Since so many thugs use their mindless women to pretend the dog is theirs, I will be asking for pictures of the dog, and other verification. This is why I have not listed everything about the dog here. I posted him on Craig's List, and out of the beaucoup emails I got, once I asked for pictures, I only heard back from two people. Why? Apparently, this is how dog fighters find animals to use as bait, or to train for dog fighting. Thus, the precautions I will be using.


This boy will also be needing a home, should no one come forward to claim him. Please share his picture and story if you would. Thank you.

  • Beverly & Pack 4y

  • Chris Snyder PRO 4y

    Bless you!!
  • Mercedes Roundy 4y

    i love that face!
  • Beverly & Pack 4y

    It's been a week and he is coming around. Although, on our way to the vet to get him scanned in the hopes he had a microchip (which he did NOT), we had to go by the location where he was dumped. He recognized the area, and I felt he was afraid of going for the ride because he thought I was going to dump him too.
  • HopeRawrz 4y

    Hes adorable!
  • SargentTheGreatPhotography 4y

    pretty pitty
  • acninee 4y

    He's beautiful.. How's he doing?
  • Beverly & Pack 3y

    acninee I just saw your message, I'm sorry. Camo found a home in Lake Tahoe, California. His family includes two large water buffalo, lambs, other dogs, and chicken's that he rounds up and brings back home when the get away! Thank you for asking.
  • destinya hoselton 3y

    i love pitbulls so i wish i could keep him but i got 3 of my own
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