Always Faithful, Doberman, Military Working Dog, MWD, World War II Memorial, War Dog Cemetery located on Navel Base Guam

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    061027-N-9662L-048 Santa Rita, Guam (Oct. 27, 2006) - Petty Officer 2nd Class Blake Soller, a Military Working Dog (MWD) handler pets the head of his MWD Rico, at the War Dog Cemetery located on Naval Base Guam. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class John F. Looney (RELEASED)

    War Dog Memorial article.

    Incription from memorial commemorating World War II combat dogs...

    25 Marine War Dogs gave their lives liberating Guam in 1944. They served as sentries, messengers, scouts. They explored caves, detected mines and booby traps. -SEMPER FIDELIS

    Kurt, Yonnie, Koko, Bunkie,
    Skipper, Poncho, Tubby, Hobo
    Ni, Prince, Fritz, Emmy,
    Missy, Cappy, Duke, Max,
    Blitz, Arno, Silver, Brockie,
    Bursch, Pepper, Ludwig, Rickey,
    Tam (buried at sea off Asan Point)

    Given in their memory and on behalf of the surviving men of the 2nd and 3rd marine war dogs platoons, many of whom owe their lives to the bravery and sacrifice of these gallant animals.

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    1. JRIDLEY1 51 months ago | reply

      Powerful capture!!!

      Thank you for sharing this with us!

    2. Jordi TROGUET (Thanks for 841,000+views!!) 51 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Through Your Eyes To Ours, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Thank you for sharing this with us!

    3. THROUGH_HAWAIIAN_EYES 51 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing this with me!

      Seen through my Hawaiian eyes
      and yours! Beautiful work :)

    4. Larry Daugherty - very slow for several days! :-) 51 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot! Thanks for sharing!
      Larry D.

      Your picture is a real Eye Catcher!
      Seen in :

      Through Your Eyes to Ours

    5. green_ig_solo [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

      Great to see army paying respect to military dogs. Loving memory for dogs who served people....Natural and loving photo

    6. mybigbang 49 months ago | reply

      Excellent ..............!!!!!

    7. Jovereasy 46 months ago | reply

      Very touching. I love that you caught the soldier giving his dog a scratch behind the ears while viewing this wonderful memorial.

    8. Indd3rjeetKaur 44 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing this picture in the Creative Commons. I have used it in my creation, An Educational Experience, starring Snippy.

    9. 234512342 [deleted] 43 months ago | reply

      I love this photo, I printed it out and have it hanging in my office. :) It always makes me smile when I look at it.

    10. Current Instincts 42 months ago | reply

      Just wanted to let you know that we featured this wonderful photo in a special Veteran's Day blog post. Incredible image!

    11. VickyKenKiyomi 42 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful picture of a military working dog, his handler, and the memorial. While in the US Air Force, I got to see Benny and others like him at Langley AFB. While working now in DC, I continue to see MWDs working for the Capitol Police and Amtrak in the sniffing out of possible explosives in public places.

      It is wonderful that dogs like the 25 named on the Guam memorial, Benny at Langley, and thousands more in service of the US police and military work alongside people to defend our country and help keep us safe.

    12. sovica_xxx 42 months ago | reply

      Very moving memorial...

    13. A Good Thing Happened 40 months ago | reply

      beautiful shot, very touching

    14. PawPosse 35 months ago | reply

      What an incredible photo. I was looking for photos of military dogs and yours was the first that came up in search. I stopped looking immediately - what a powerful shot. Thanks so much for sharing it.

      I used it in a post today called In Memoriam: Dogs In The Military. They've served us selflessly for centuries and deserve some honor on Memorial Day as well.

      Thanks for sharing this incredible photo.

    15. Karla V Muntane ❤ Spinning Mermaid 31 months ago | reply

      oh my! just seeing this made me teary! I love animals, I cannot think what would I do if my girly choco lab died :( Beautiful photography and its sentiment!

    16. Éothain 29 months ago | reply


    17. 333tyger555 20 months ago | reply

      Thank you for this picture...Dr. Putney was our family vet for many years in the San Fernando Valley.
      We have had many vets in the ensuing years since his retirement...some of them very good, but none of them like Dr. Putney...he could perform miracles (with the Grace of God)...maybe it isn't fair to compare people, but Dr. Putney out-classed them all. He served this nation admirably and he was a fine and decent man.
      Dr. Putney wrote "Always Faithful"...a wonderful book about these great dogs who's names are etched in the above memorial. Take a trip to the library or a book store and get this book and a box of kleenex.
      Linda Garcia

    18. Beverly & Pack 20 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the information, Linda, I will definately get the book to read!

    19. chiaralily 12 months ago | reply

      thank you for sharing your wonderful image

      I hope you don't mind I've used it to commemorate the service men and women of Australia and New Zealand - here

    20. abegold 9 months ago | reply

      Search: Judy the Pointer. An amazing British Navy military dog that is credited with saving "countless lives" in WW2.

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