Memorial Day Free Download Poster, Graves at Arlington National Cemetery, American Flag, Veterans Day Holiday

If you are interested in purchasing products already created with this image, they can be found here towards the end of the Arlington group of items.


Here's another free download poster for the patriotic holidays, such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day. I took one of my already existing American Flags from my photostream and added the Fractalius Filter to it, then added the public domain picture of Graves at Arlington on Memorial Day by Remember that can be found HERE.

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  • Sandy Austin PRO 6y

    Very effective.
  • Miz Woody 6y

    Thank you for this beautiful poster.
    It will run on my site with a quote from Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" for the Memorial Day weekend, 2009.
  • Beverly & Pack 6y

    Thank you for the link, Miz Woody. I visited your site and it works great with the quote!
  • Beverly & Pack 6y

    In Honor of Those Who Served and are Serving
    The Star Spangled Banner performed by Jake Shimabukuro
    Memorial Day 2009

    Make a Smilebox slideshow
  • thequeenmommy2 6y

    This is exactly what I need for my blog post for Memorial Day 2009. Will be linking here - thank you so much!
  • rooneym78 6y

    The fools in my neck of the woods are looking to close down the Montrose VA Hospital. I will be using this photo--thank you very much--in a slideshow about why the facility should remain open---believe it or not Washington is looking to lease the land out for 75 years to private developers for 400 condos/houses--forcing vets to travel to either the Bronx or the Castle facility in NY.

    Thank you again.

  • fiddlinnita 6y

    I am using your poster as background for a VFW fundraiser in North Carolina. Thanks so much for your time and talent.
  • jpta56 6y

    would love to use this as a book cover for my next book of combat poetry...aka Delta Blue- Testament
  • Jude Cormier 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Flags for Fallen Soldiers, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Karen DeSanno 5y

    Beautiful creation!
  • Ms. Kathleen PRO 5y

    What an inspiring photo!

    I would be very pleased if you would add this inspiring image to:
    **US Veterans!**
  • snowlobster PRO 5y

    Beautiful image!
  • Juan José Rodríguez 5y

    I respect the love you have for your country..
    I have very good friends in USA, I respect them, not the politic line of your goverment.
    I hope you could understand somethings are offensive for the world. united states hasn't had a war inland in more than 100 years. Your goverment exports war.
    who the hell called those soldiers to go to Vietnam, Corea, Irak, Afghanistan, Panama (and many other places)?
    You have soldiers all over the world. Your goverment spend an obscene amount of money in weapons. That money turned into schools would give your country a lot of friends and respect, not hate.

    And, by the way: The name of your country is not America, is the name of a continent that includes everything between Alaska and Argentina, so, mexicans, cubans, colombians and chileans are also americans.
  • Knickerbocker2 4y

    We don't want our service men going to these other counties either but it seems other countries cant take care of themselves. These other countries don't seem to have a problem taking our BILLIONS of dollars a year to have bases or protect them. " America may not be perfect but we don't have to build walls to keep Americans in. JFK" . Every year millions of the worlds people leave their oppressed countries to make new free lives here in America to practice their religion and speak freely. Calling America America is short for The United States of America. Chances are what ever country your from The United States of America has saved your a$% at least once in our 235 year history which I might add is the oldest government in the world today. No we haven't had a war here in 150 years. There hasn't been a need to. We have a military that compares to none . We don't kill our neighbors because they don't have the same religion or political choice. I'm sorry to Beverly for this post. I am tired of reading how the world hates us but can't wait to get here. My family has been here sense 1676. My Great Great Great grand father fought in the War of 1812 as I'm sure others in the Revolutionary War. My Great grand father fought in the Civil War my father in WWII. They fought for our flag and our freedoms and the worlds freedom. Above the beaches of France the green country sides are broken with white marble stones. Each of these stones represents a life lost saving the world. You want to slam America go stand in one of these cemeteries look at the row after row of these graves then think what you'd look like with a stubby mustache clicking your heels together.Again I'm sorry to Beverly. Your picture is beautiful
  • CraveCute 3y

    Thank you Beverly for this wonderful image. I am adding to my Memorial Day 2012 blog post and linking back here.
  • frannie60 3y

    Lovely image, I am using it for a post on FB. Thank you for sharing.
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