La Bottega 2012
Gourmet feat evening, 16 courses cooked by the talented Roberto and Roberto.

01. Breads, olives & oil
02. Kobe beef, parmesan shavings, truffle oil
03. Sashimi Tuna on sardian bread
04. Mozarella, deep fried in breadcrumbs, chopped tomato
05. Clams in chilli & champagne sauce
06. Champagne ravioli with anchovy & kaper (to clear the palette after chilli)
07. Prawns with artechoke
08. Pimms with cucumber mousse, lavender, cucumber & strawberry ice cubes
09. Squid ink pasta with scallops
10. Saffron Risotto
11. Lemon sorbet drink
12. Sea bass, cooked in salt coffin sealed by egg
13. Roast suckling pig, spinach, red cabbage, pots, apple sauce
14. Chocolate Tiramasu, strawberries drenched in chocolate
15. Boozy pear, cooked with ricotta, cinamon stick
16. Frozen fruit gelato
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