Sky Blue Sky

Submitted to Photo Friday's "My Little Secret" challenge on 5-02-08



  • golfpunkgirl 7y

  • Michael Cole 7y

    golfpunkgirl - thank you! I appreciate it.
  • jena ardell 7y

    holy crap!! i swear the clouds move...

    what excellent xpo colors!! !! !!
  • Michael Cole 7y

    Thanks! I was happy with the results of this one too. Target did a great job for $2.99 :)
  • María Luisa Santos 7y

    Lovely!!!! I want to be there!
  • Michael Cole 7y

    Michita - It's a beautiful sanctuary. Thank you.
  • Debbie Cakes 7y

    This looks really cool.
  • Michael Cole 7y

    Debbie Cakes - thank you.
  • Inuraw j 7y


    need i say more?
  • Michael Cole 7y

    fiat_justitia_ruat_coelum - nope! that says it all.
  • roamin 7y

    you said it, mike, all

    (except pretty, looks great, lovely, gorgeous, stunning, arresting, magnificent...
    oh! and drop-dead gorgeous, knock-out, and killer-diller).
  • Michael Cole 7y

    roamin - Thanks, Dankë, Merci, Gracias, Dank u! I especially like that you said killer-diller! :)
  • roamin 7y

    killer-diller choice, mike, and thanks for the nod...
    this shot's as eye-popping good as it gets :)
  • Michael Cole 7y

    thank you roamin. I feel honored when I get such positive feedback from you because I respect your work so much.

    IT IS the colors..................great. But so all alone atop the hill. Yes, I would keep it a secret too. Rob
  • Michael Cole 6y

    rob - thank you. I will!
  • alejandra vaca 6y

    where are you´!!!!!
  • Craig 5y

    very cool
  • Michael Cole 5y

    thanks for your comments. i really appreciate it.
  • LLLadySSStardust 5y

    wow... simplement magnifique.
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