Hostess Ding Dongs - 1970

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    I'm very happy today to share this latest addition to my Hostess collection -- a Ding Dongs box from 1970!

    I'm pretty certain that this is the very first edition box with King Ding Dong on it. He was introduced in 1970. Prior to that, the boxes had a big bell on them.

    This box is really special to me. While I haven't made an official list, there's no doubt that this box would be in the Top 10 list of favorite items in my collection -- and just might be right at the top.

    Thanks to my good friend Gregg for the opportunity to get this. :-)


    1. Waffle Whiffer 43 months ago | reply

      Here are the other sides:

      Hostess Ding Dongs - 1970

      Hostess Ding Dongs - 1970

      Hostess Ding Dongs - 1970

      Hostess Ding Dongs - 1970

      Hostess Ding Dongs - 1970

      Hostess Ding Dongs - 1970

    2. CheshireCat666 43 months ago | reply

      man,that is freakin wonderful dude!! SO gorgeous

    3. Waffle Whiffer 43 months ago | reply

      [:::] Mushroom -- Thanks! I bought a twin-pack of fresh Ding Dongs to celebrate.

      [:::] CheshireCat -- And foil-wrapped, the way nature intended it!

    4. JasonLiebig 43 months ago | reply

      That's a special piece. If it was going to find a new home, it's definitely found a good one. Congrats!

    5. kerrytoonz 43 months ago | reply

      LOVE this box...and this version of the original King Ding Dong! Vitamin fortified too!

    6. john6666steele 43 months ago | reply

      Congrats Brandon!

    7. Badger 23 / jezevec 43 months ago | reply

      I had forgotten foil wrapped treats.

    8. gregg_koenig 43 months ago | reply

      Congrats B! ~ Looks superGooD w/ the wrap off!!!

    9. Waffle Whiffer 43 months ago | reply

      [:::] Jason -- Thanks! I'm happy to share it here with my friends.

      [:::] Kerry -- I can't imagine a better way to get vitamins!

      [:::] John -- Thanks! Let's hope an early CupCakes box turns up next.

      [:::] Badger -- The foil was half the fun. I can remember balling up the foil and chunking it across the school cafeteria back in elementary school.

      [:::] Gregg -- You know the box is in good hands. Stop by and visit when you come down this way.

    10. Ed Bierman 43 months ago | reply

      Marvelous Box!

    11. 43 months ago | reply

      Wow. Super time-warp you have there.

      Recently, I was talking with some friends about Ding Dongs/King Dons and we agreed, to a man, that we were always convinced they renamed them King Dons because they caught wind of the fact that every adolescent boy in America was laughing at the name Ding Dong. But this is what wikipedia says...

      "The company marketed the snacks on the East Coast as Big Wheels, to avoid confusion with the Ring Ding, a similar (and pre-existing) treat by Drake's Cakes. The names were consolidated in 1987, when a short-lived merger of Drake's with Hostess' parent company (then Continental Baking Company) briefly resolved the Ring Ding/Ding Dong conflict. When the merged company broke up, however, Hostess was forced to cease, once again, using the Ding Dongs name in areas where Ring Dings were available. The compromise sound-alike name King Dons lasted until Interstate Bakeries Corporation, which had recently merged with Hostess' parent company, bought Drake's in 1998. The Hostess product is now sold under the name Ding Dongs throughout the United States. However, the snack is still sold as the King Don in Canada."

      Thanks for posting these shots. Great stuff.

    12. fun old new 42 months ago | reply

      Wow this is awesome.Now I want a ding dong lol
      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    13. striving67 39 months ago | reply

      Real foil back then, wow!. Used to love to wad it up and throw it at my brother. Of course I was bouncing off the walls from the sugar rush.,, Great find!

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