Striped Chips Ahoy - 1987

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    This ad for *New* Striped Chips Ahoy is from October 1987.

    "Betcha Bite A Stripe!"

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    1. CheshireCat666 84 months ago | reply

      A flip book ad! How fun. When i was a kid anything to cut up was a thrill

    2. Roadsidepictures 84 months ago | reply

      That is cool!! I don't remember seeing the striped version. We always bought the blue bag. I counted ten different kinds of Chips Ahoy! cookies on the store shelf the other day.

    3. saguarosally 84 months ago | reply

      I'm pretty sure I remember those. Sweet!

    4. Waffle Whiffer 84 months ago | reply

      [:::] CheshireCat -- Fortunately, nobody cut up this comic book.

      [:::] Roadside -- Yeah, there's a big variety now, but I don't think sell these anymore.

      [:::] Scrap -- What a great idea to add extra chocolate to an already delicious cookie!

    5. Waffle Whiffer 84 months ago | reply

      I love their current mascot!

      Chips Ahoy!

    6. Laurie Pink 83 months ago | reply

      In Morrisons (UK supermarket - I don't think it's made it over the pond), they sell a pack of biscuits with mini-smarties style chips in called Rainbow Cookies (or something similar). Very tasty, but the best thing about them is that on the wrapper it says "Even kids love them!".

      EVEN kids!

    7. Laurie Pink 83 months ago | reply

      Also, I note that this has a slogan of "Betcha bite a stripe!", as if, perhaps, you were being challenged to eat around the stripes and leave them on the side of your plate...

    8. Waffle Whiffer 82 months ago | reply

      [:::] Laurie -- "even kids" -- Ha!

    9. lia 82 months ago | reply

      i remember these! they were in ALL my comic books that year. i loved those striped cookies too, the backs were solid fudge and would get melty if you held the cookie too long.

    10. Waffle Whiffer 81 months ago | reply

      [:::] lia -- Mmm!

    11. electrical2601 81 months ago | reply

      Hi I'm an admin for Logo's from the 80's. I was wondering if you can add this photo to my group? Thank you!

    12. Waffle Whiffer 81 months ago | reply

      [:::] electrical -- Done! Thanks for the invite.

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