Hardee's Packaging - 1973

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    Here's a beautiful assortment of Hardee's restaurant food packaging from 1973 -- soda cups, coffee cup with handle, steak sandwich box, burger wrappers, take-out sacks, fry wrapper and box -- plus some awesome turnover pie boxes!

    I would love to have one of those pie boxes.


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    1. JennRation Design 71 months ago | reply

      Funky logo, I dig it!! A steak sandwich? Where are those today. :)

    2. Waffle Whiffer 71 months ago | reply

      [:::] Jenn -- Probably replaced with tofu veggie sandwich. (Thumbs down!)

    3. JennRation Design 71 months ago | reply

      boohoo! I wouldn't doubt it.

    4. CheshireCat666 71 months ago | reply

      Steak sandwiches at a fast food place in 1973? that's pretty ahead of it's time!

    5. SpacePotato [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

      Certainly an eye catching logo!

    6. JasonLiebig 71 months ago | reply

      I LOVE this all. Especially that, I guess it's a kids cup, with the thief and the cowboy chasing him illustrated on it. Wow!!

    7. slade1955 71 months ago | reply

      I have one of those kids cups with the thief and cowboy chasing him.

    8. retro-dad [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

      reminds me of the Hilton Hotels logo.

    9. Waffle Whiffer 71 months ago | reply

      [:::] CheshireCat -- I agree. I believe Burger King did a steak sandwich later, maybe late '70s to early '80s. Love that box!

      [:::] SpacePotato -- Certainly could have rivaled the Golden Arches. I wish this logo was still in use.

      [:::] Jason -- If Hardee's had been in California in the early '70s, you might have had some of these in that fabulous Munktiki collection. -- Yes those are their old mascots Sheriff Gilbert Giddyup (our hero) and Speedy McGreedy (hamburger rustler). Good times!

      [:::] Slade -- Yes, I've seen that cup in your photo stream. I'd love to get one someday! Got any extras? :-)

      [:::] Retro-Dad -- Good observation. You are correct.

    10. bob canada 71 months ago | reply

      You never see the paper cup with handle anymore. Companies are probably afraid it'll fail and spill hot coffee into someone's lap again.

    11. Waffle Whiffer 71 months ago | reply

      [:::] Everyone -- Put on your fry chef hats and join in the fun at a new Flickr group Hardee's Charco-Broiled Memorial [1960-1997] -- a look back at the classic Hardee's.

    12. Waffle Whiffer 71 months ago | reply

      [:::] BCanada -- True. That lady at McDonald's ruined it for everyone.

    13. glasscase3 70 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Hardees, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    14. Waffle Whiffer 69 months ago | reply

      [:::] Glasscase3 -- Thanks. I've added it to the group.

    15. glasscase3 69 months ago | reply

      you're welcome, Waffle Whiffer

    16. High Steel Heels 66 months ago | reply

      I loved Hardee's

    17. Waffle Whiffer 65 months ago | reply

      [:::] HSH -- Good stuff. We often stopped at Hardee's on road trips since we didn't have one in my home town.

    18. Hotel Ocho 56 months ago | reply

      this is awesome, i especially love the steak sandwich box!

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