Nalley's Potato Chips

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This is one of the coolest ads that I've found in a long time. It's for Nalley's Red Seal Potato Chips, from the Denver Post, May 6, 1962.

Such an incredible looking package. And if the Squirrel isn't cool enough, how about that Fun Chef?

Nalley's is a brand from the Northwest. From what I've been able to gather, they are now part of Birdseye, but looks like they no longer make chips.

Does anyone know if the Squirrel had a name?

UPDATE Feb 26, 2011 -- The mascot is a chipmunk, not a squirrel, and his name is Chipper!

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  1. Glen Mullaly 89 months ago | reply

    Cool. Growing up here in B.C. in the 70's Nalley's was one of the two most commonly found potato chip brands ( the other was Old Dutch ), but this packaging pre-dates me.

  2. Gitwithit 89 months ago | reply

    Thats a new one on me!!

  3. tOkKa 89 months ago | reply

    -->> DAN (Grilky) WAS RIGHT !! BAH !!

    I KNOW NUTZING !! .. >v<

  4. dirtdirt 89 months ago | reply

    I would buy pretty much anything that came in a package like that, let alone light, fresh, noisy, delicious, potato chips.

  5. Paula Wirth 89 months ago | reply

    I like that they have to be NOISY!!! (Just don't tell my housemate about them, he's noisy enough on his own!!!)

  6. Waffle Whiffer 89 months ago | reply

    [:::] Glen -- Do you remember seeing that squirrel in the '70s?

    [:::] Gitwithit -- That's a surprise, seeing how many ads you've posted to Flickr! :-)

    [:::] Tokka -- Nice squirrels.

    [:::] DirtDirt -- I hear you! (I dig your Frankenberry icon too.)

    [:::] Zombophoto -- I'm with you on that. I'd buy just about anything in a cool package like that.

    [:::] Paula -- Noisy sounds good to me!

    [:::] Grickily -- Wow! Nalley's Squirrel, outer space style! Very cool. Do you know any more about the Squirrel, like the years he was used and maybe his name? Thanks for sharing the pic.

  7. Glen Mullaly 89 months ago | reply

    ----[:::] Glen -- Do you remember seeing that squirrel in the '70s?

    I'm afraid not. Our family tended to buy Old Dutch which is still very common and the packaging art hasn't changed as much as many others. So I remember it much better.

  8. Debbie C.B.'s 87 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Potatoes!, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  9. Waffle Whiffer 87 months ago | reply

    [:::] Debbie -- Thanks for the invite! I've added this photo to the group.

  10. froggyboggler 68 months ago | reply

    Thanks WW, for providing the link to your bag on my post..(this one)-

  11. froggyboggler 68 months ago | reply

    (Hmmm...I keep trying, but the little images don't seem to come up for me anymore...just the address for the post. What am I doing wrong? It used to work!)

  12. Waffle Whiffer 68 months ago | reply

    [:::] Froggy -- If you go to your photo, click on All Sizes and then like Small or Medium, and copy that HTML code underneath. Paste it into your comment and the photo will appear in the comment stream.

  13. froggyboggler 68 months ago | reply

    Thanks, WW for the information- and here's a link to the small display- Nalley's Display front view

  14. puyallupr 50 months ago | reply

    My dad worked for Nalley's 44 years. He said the chipmunk's name was Chipper.

  15. Waffle Whiffer 50 months ago | reply

    [:::] puyallupr -- Oh, he must have a lot of stories to tell! Yes, I found out recently that this is a chipmunk named Chipper and not a squirrel. I'll update the description. Thanks!

  16. raj1344 25 months ago | reply

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