Nalley's Potato Chips Squirrel

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    Here's the companion to the Fun Chef ad that I posted a few days ago. This little squirrel is another part of the same ad.

    Before I post the full ad, does anyone want to guess what product these are from?

    Thanks for playing!

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    1. Waffle Whiffer 78 months ago | reply

      [:::] Paula -- Another fine guess, but it's not peanut butter.

      I'm hoping someone recognizes this little guy. I'll give it a few days or a correct identification before posting the full ad.

    2. Waffle Whiffer 78 months ago | reply

      For reference again, here's part 1 of this ad:

      Fun Chef

    3. Vintage Roadside 78 months ago | reply

      Dang - all I can think of when I see a cartoon squirrel is the Ipana "Brusha brusha brusha".....

    4. Paula Wirth 78 months ago | reply

      circus peanuts?

    5. Waffle Whiffer 78 months ago | reply

      [::] VR -- Ipana's mascot was Bucky Beaver -- another cool one for sure!

      [:::] Paula -- No, no peanuts involved, not even styrofoam peanuts. :-)

      Now I'm craving those candy circus peanuts...

    6. Glen Mullaly 78 months ago | reply

      I have no idea but the "f" in the Fun Chef has an early Fisher Price feel to it.

    7. leifpeng 78 months ago | reply

      The fork suggests barbequing... is it hotdogs...?

    8. devojane 78 months ago | reply

      I was gonna say hot dogs, too.

    9. grickily 78 months ago | reply

      nalleys potato chips?

    10. tOkKa 78 months ago | reply

      -->> NALLEY's !! ?!?!? .. wow !! >v<

    11. tOkKa 78 months ago | reply

      -->> I GOT IT !!

      He's the great grandpa of Pak Pak ..~~


      "Meet "Pak Pak" the athletic and adorable squirrel mascot of the Macau 2005 East Asian Games. "Pak Pak" comes from Macau's famous Guia Hill where there are lots of Fir trees, also the site of the oldest lighthouse on the China coast - the Guia Lighthouse. "Pak Pak" is a friendly squirrel that is very much into different kinds of sports, from judo to volleyball to football to swimming to just about everything! Being a happy-go-lucky squirrel, "Pak Pak" always has a smile to share, and like the people of Macau, "Pak Pak" is excitingly awaiting for the 4th East Asian Games to take place in 2005 to welcome you to our hospitable Macau! "

      ..errr.. no dice ??

      ..D4mm .. >v<

    12. Waffle Whiffer 78 months ago | reply

      [:::] Thanks everyone for the guesses. Grickily wins the game! (Dan, I figured you'd know this one).

      Tokka had the right idea, too, just a little late.

      The full ad is uploading next...

    13. Waffle Whiffer 78 months ago | reply

      [:::] Mystery solved! Click through for more details.

      Nalley's Potato Chips

    14. RetailByRyan95 78 months ago | reply

      He does look like a character who advertises for peanut butter

    15. grickily 78 months ago | reply

      I think Nalley's also made Peanut butter (most of the potato chip companies did back then)

    16. Waffle Whiffer 78 months ago | reply

      [:::] Ryan -- I agree, that squirrel would be a natural for peanut butter sales.

      [:::] Grickily -- Thanks for the super squirrel pic! Let's hope some more Nalley's goodies surface. These are the only two I've come across so far. I'll be looking for more now.

    17. grickily 78 months ago | reply

      i have a foil bag with him on it and maybe a potato chip box back with a cut out of him in a car. I think he goes back to the 50's and on in to the 70's

    18. Waffle Whiffer 78 months ago | reply

      [:::] Grickily -- I found a Nalley's chips box from the early '80s but it did not have the squirrel on it. So you're probably right about him going away in the '70s.

    19. goon_town_killer 71 months ago | reply

      ....and what ever happened to the Frito Bandito?

      lots of cool 50' and 60's characters have faded into oblivion...sadly

    20. Waffle Whiffer 71 months ago | reply

      [:::] goon town -- The Frito Bandito got run out of town in 1969.

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