to Sanity?

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    Where can Sanity be found? Is there such a place? Can we be guided there, or do we have to find our own way?

    Photo taken inside a Westfield Shopping Mall of all places! The irony/(in)sanity of this is perfect.

    1. genericitis 70 months ago | reply

      I've got a map if you need.

    2. KayVee.INC 70 months ago | reply

      Insanity is fun though! ^__^

    3. genericitis 70 months ago | reply

      Wouldn't know. :p

    4. wadem 70 months ago | reply

      @Nick, Really, I don't believe there is a map to sanity.

      @Vicky, Totally :)

      @Nick, Sane is boring :P

    5. genericitis 70 months ago | reply

      There is. Totally. It's all about reading the map upside down. And being very careful not to run into those lovely men in their white coats.

      And there's no such thing as boring, only, that's not right.

    6. nettsu 70 months ago | reply

      nick if you have a map to sanity - i guess you have no idea of how to read maps ;)

    7. genericitis 70 months ago | reply

      I'm so dreadfully misunderstood so often, it's sad. :p

      * photo bump/hijack over...Sorry Wade ;) *

    8. wadem 70 months ago | reply

      @Nick, If you think there is a map, you need a man in a White Coat. There is only lived, and that, my friend is the Joker of Insanity :) Even the sign is only a pointer, not the actual thing, not even a map. The Map is Not The Tterritory. Yah?

      @Michael, My friend, by not reading the map, he is reading the map ;)

      @Nick, Thanks for the hijack, I hope you like Zen :) ;) :)

    9. genericitis 70 months ago | reply

      Ah the sign, it comes back to the photo, well done.

      I've a passing interest, more a meddlers interest than anything, but an interest nonetheless :)

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