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    taken on the alley jaunt walk.

    alley jaunt is toronto's alternative urban art event. for one summer weekend, the back alley garages surrounding trinity bellwoods park are transformed into art exhibits, installations, performance, and film/video venues.

    this tag is one of my faves. see tokyo's other pieces here.

    oops, almost forgot..... [artist of the day vol.6] there are so many amazing artists on flickr... wacky pick for today is thrill . what can i say, germans know how to have a good time - thrill's lil dude is super cute, and the places he hangs out at are super fun!

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    1. GRAFFITI WEAR 106 months ago | reply

      esta chido el tagg !!!!

    2. Random Deluxe [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

      Toronto seem to be so interesting. I wish I was able to speak english and get a job in Toronto ..

    3. pico! 106 months ago | reply


    4. 106 months ago | reply

      really great !!
      love this one :)

    5. karlcow [deleted] 106 months ago | reply


    6. sean o mac 106 months ago | reply

      just came back from Tokyo... this helps ease the pain

    7. wacky doodler 106 months ago | reply

      thanks! :)

      vita: your english is DEFINITELY better than my french! toronto would love to have a great artist such as yourself :)

    8. sugarboo 106 months ago | reply

      the picture ROCKS!

    9. my dog sighs 106 months ago | reply

      only added thrill as a contact myself yesterday. i agree.

    10. wacky doodler 105 months ago | reply

      mds: he was one of my first contacts when i joined flcikr. him along with other superb artists is what got me hooked on flickr and street art - i mean, how wicked is that flickr allows us to see work in other cities?

    11. my dog sighs 105 months ago | reply

      i know. i sometimes wonder where my work is most seen and appreciated. street or flickr? my work on the steet is seen by very few who appreciate it (that if it isnt buffed by eager street cleaners) the feedback from flickr is a definate bonus and to a worldwise audience. i wonder if there are exclusively flickr based artists - those that have left the streets and galleries behind!?

    12. davaca 105 months ago | reply

      all is my work!

    13. wacky doodler 105 months ago | reply

      mds: i think flickr (n any other www) definitely help to promote street art by sort of "decluttering" it from the rest of the chaotic urban environment. photographs single out the piece and bring out the essence so to speak. on flickr we definitely have a wicked community of enthusiasts n artists... but i think in the end without the physical street and the physical work much substance is lost. photographs are great, but nothing beats exploring a stinky nasty back alley n gettin a rush stumbling upon a gold mine of crusty goodness!

      i kinda hope things'll work the other way around: that exclusively flickr based artist/photographers will be inspired to put up their own work on the streets. im um, trying to work up the courage :)

    14. ctheorist 105 months ago | reply

      i like i like. Seems like you're using a wide angle lens on this one. Did you get a new camera? ;)

    15. Pinkyvision 105 months ago | reply

      Fresh tag, wicked photo!

    16. waveforms_ 78 months ago | reply

      masterpiece ;b fav

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