• I want a stencil that says "stencil"! - Crystl
  • haha i think ososment can cut one for ya!
  • Converse All Stars for running away - Trois Têtes (TT)
  • Sandwiches for energy when running away - Trois Têtes (TT)
  • i have all of these things, and all were gifts from my mom! - /3
  • *to play bingo - funkymama
  • who ever heard of a blind tagger? - rebel shake

how many of these "implements" do you have?

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i cant help but upload this hilarious graphic after reading the accompanying hilarious article from pasadena star news.

i love how they start off... "Cavemen did it."

and then oh oh check this one out... "graffiti, mostly coded gang names, now is associated more with criminals marking their turf, according to sheriff's Lt. George Zagurski of the Operation Safe Streets Bureau."

you silly rabbit, tricks are for kids, throwing in loaded words like "gang" and "criminal" and then prefixing them with "mostly" and "more" doesnt make your lame ass reporting and dissemination of crap, any less ass and crap.

nothing like bad reporters and stupid cops to provide great merriment for all.

anyways, so i have 4/6 implements... im a gangster... g. BOO!

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  1. Irene Tejaroxy Hoss (Kittenclaw) ages ago | reply

    I feel like a child criminal trapped in a woman's body.

  2. ososment ages ago | reply

    >I feel like a child criminal trapped in a woman's body<

    hahahaha! a tshirt slogan if ever I heard one!

  3. Irene Tejaroxy Hoss (Kittenclaw) ages ago | reply

    Ha, yeah, I was kinda exhausted when I wrote that...mos definitely a keeper.

  4. ::enrapture:: ages ago | reply

    thanks for posting this article wacky...the illustration is awesome and funny!
    Had to show this and the article to a few of my graff buddies here in LA.

  5. slightly-less-random ages ago | reply

    Hmm, no stelcils and no bandanna. I stopped carrying gloves when I realized that making edible glue is the way to go.

  6. **Violet** ages ago | reply

    very funn...
    when i become a gangster too,i will hide this pic from my mom...

  7. mtform ages ago | reply

    got all those implements and more, muahahaa

  8. Ohm17 ages ago | reply

    Durh yer you've really nailed it der!

  9. colorful thrill [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Oh well... I guess I am safe because I only have one of these "implements"...

    Being the backpack with art supply. There are no graffiti on mine though.

    I guess I m just a wannabe

  10. D P W ages ago | reply

    haha 6/6 i was just sketching in my Blackbook when i was thinking "hmm wonder what's new and interesting on flickr today" and did my daily browze, came across this and couldn't help but gasp, look down, look back up and laugh in an uncontrollable manner.

  11. silis_ ages ago | reply


    crazy great;)

  12. bored cellar [deleted] ages ago | reply

    That's funny -- writer, art student.... same dif right?

  13. Ravensview Images ages ago | reply

    But if an old guy like me dressed like that, with all that stuff - police would ignore me.
    Some places are making markers illegal for under-18 to buy. They should also ban notebooks and backpacks! ;-)

  14. MyEyeSees ages ago | reply

    I love it... Commenting on the MSM graphic which writes about teenager use of art/graphics....

  15. Miss Milki ages ago | reply

    ROFL! Brilliant!

  16. Mister Day ages ago | reply

    Graffiti is a "doorway" art-form. Many scientific studies have shown that tagging leads to doodling, and vice versa.

    The last thing I want is my kid is carrying around pens and a notebook. You can get hard time for that.

  17. arnd Dewald ages ago | reply

    Great one.
    The trick is to look like nerd and act like a pirate!

  18. Liz Henry ages ago | reply

    They should have included those mailing labels from the post office - a sure sign!

    I'm waiting for the "Is Your Child a Slam Poet?" graphic now.

  19. SHARP 420 ages ago | reply

    ive got everything but a hat and graffiti on my back pack

  20. finicky spy [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Sigh…..I was trying to think of the perfect sarcastically snarky and biting comment to counteract the pure stereotypical ignorance exhibited by the City of Santa Ana, but I just can’t find the words. What can I come up with?…Sigh…

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