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Christine Nilsson - soprano: | by painting in light
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Christine Nilsson - soprano:

Christine Nilsson born Sweden 20th August, 1843 died Sweden 20th November 1921.


She made her debut during 1864 and was what would be called now days – a mega star.


While she did not make any records there are numerous photos to attest to the fact that she possessed great charm and beauty.


The first photo is a ‘carte de visite’ [C.d.V] the forerunner of the present day visiting card – it dates from 1868 and shows Christine Nilsson as ‘Ophelie’, the role she created, in Ambroise Thomas’s opera ‘Hamlet’ - the photographer was Charles Reutlinger (1816-1881).


Parisian portrait photographer Disdéri patented the method of producing C.d.V.’s in 1854. He used a camera with 4 lenses which made eight 3.5- by 2.5-inch negatives on one full-sized plate. The large print made from that plate was cut up into small portraits, which were separately mounted on cards measuring about 4 by 3 inches.


The second is an albumen photo [cabinet card] by Mora, 707 Broadway, dating from 1883 and it shows her in the part of Marguerite in Faust the part she sung in the performance that marked the opening of the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, on 22nd Oct 1883.

You can read some very quite interesting contemporary reviews and interviews with the performers here –


The third is a ‘C.d.V’ dating from 1870’s.


# The ship -


Swedish immigrant Charles M. Lindgren of Chicago named his new vessel ‘Christina Nilsson’ after a world-renowned Swedish soprano. The ship cost $23,000 and was launched on 3rd Aug 1871. The ship measured 139 feet in length, 26 feet in beam and 11 feet in depth of hold.


The ship plied the eastern Great Lakes without serious mishap until 24th Oct 1884 when she struck a reef, quickly sank in 15 feet of water and was pounded to pieces - no lives were lost.


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Taken circa 1860