Intelli WBC Blackcat Robur

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    1. Gobs 83 months ago | reply

      cool decals.

    2. KyleGlanville 83 months ago | reply

      I just found out : this grinder actually DOES eat other grinders for breakfast - kinda weird.

    3. Terryz1 83 months ago | reply

      Thanks Reg. Have a safe trip to Denmark!

    4. Terryz1 83 months ago | reply

      WBC Robur RIP. The federal government ( Highly Talented and trained TSA officials) thought you were suspicious and tore you from limb to limb. Not content with destroying your innards they then removed your upper burr carrier and with the finesse of a gorilla forced you back together, rendering you scrap! Once realizing you were just a food processing device they tossed your parts back together then stuff in the little " we searched your bags and theres nothing you can do about it" notice and repacked you for your journey across the pond to Copenhagen, where the damage was realized. Mazzer of Italy stepped in to save the day, ( Which they couldn't seem to do weeks earlier) got the props and so my venture simply becomes blog fodder and conspiracy theory material. I'm proud to live in the USA, but my USA is far different than that of which these particular individuals are a part of. The TSA motto should be " Land of the free, home of the paranoid" . If you travel by air,may you all travel safely across our globe.

    5. nalundgaard 83 months ago | reply

      So, am I right to assume that it's true that the Federal Government destroyed Kyle's personal property and offered no remuneration?

      How I love this country, and the way it has a constitution that it abides by with such great care. Sad.

    6. 21st Street Coffee and Tea 83 months ago | reply

      That sucks! On a much smaller scale... I thought I was in trouble when they found my clover squeegie in my carry on coming back from my Seattle trip. They confiscated my shaving cream but I was able to take my squeegie home with me.

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