Transparent Screen - peon.master

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    credit goes to peon.master who uploaded it to my website's gallery

    PS: this is not a Photoshop trick, this is his REAL desktop image

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    1. wdhow ages ago | reply

      First and second gen pbooks. Nice.

    2. NSA ages ago | reply

      This is very cool and made me smile alot.

    3. Chasqui (Luis Tamayo) ages ago | reply

      very cool trick. Im sure something like this will appear in those HP commercials!

    4. GustavoG ages ago | reply

      Simply brilliant.

    5. Julius12 ages ago | reply

      I don't know about him, but if I had to move one or both of them, I'd just use this photo as the background. If still in the same room it could create a really interesting effect.

    6. SnowSara ages ago | reply

      Nothing it stopping me from trying this right this second. I can't believe the effect!

    7. TrafficChess ages ago | reply

      YES YES YES! This is great. I love it. Duel screens. Wonderful.

    8. ariel wollinger ages ago | reply

      this is a photograph trick.

      1st- with a tripod take a picture of your desk without the computer on it.
      2nd- take a picture now with the computer on the desk.
      3rd - open both pictures in photoshop and paste one of the pictures over the other as a new layer.
      4th- make a selection of the area of the computer desktop and copy it from the image that has no computer.
      5th- the image might be skewed due to screen positioning. Use the free transform funtion and drag all corners of the selection to match the picture canvas.
      6th- use this image as the desktop in the computer.
      7th with camera still in position, take a picture and the illusion will be created.


    9. Yoshikuni Kenta ages ago | reply

      Okay, I had to sign up just to post this to ariel.

      Yes, they basically did that, but instead of making the image that way, they put the photo of the desk without the computer as their desktop wall paper, to create the illusion of a see through monitor.

      It's indeed a photograph tick but some of these pictures are really people who went through the trouble of taking a picture of the screenless desk and then making the ir picture that is now a wallpaper align with the stuff in the background.

    10. lysdexia [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Duel -> Dual

    11. j0rune ages ago | reply

      awesome, it's such a wicked idea :)

    12. AlbeT10 ages ago | reply

      the best Transparent WP I've ever seen!

    13. duconihilum ages ago | reply

      Who stumbled this? The lighting is off, so... No.

    14. _adieter22 ages ago | reply

      wow, superb

    15. ScorpioUno ages ago | reply

      it might be true. just because so many know photoshop doesn't mean that thats a fake. see this video and you'll know...

    16. mbrown.0727 109 months ago | reply

      This may be the illest of them all....

    17. Isco72 93 months ago | reply

      Very funny!

    18. daddybrown1 92 months ago | reply

      This is the kind of "Transparancy" that H.Hussein Obama needs!!

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