VVA 310 #4000 Box Packaged
June 11, 2017 we at the Vietnam Veterans of America, Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310 packaged our 4,000th package for shipping to the troops overseas since we first started some thirteen years ago. We needed 25 boxes to make the 4,000 and we packaged thirty-four boxes, so congratulations to everyone who helped. Three or four who were there were also at the very first packaging those thirteen years ago. We had several special guests who helped package and brought items to be packaged. We had Vanessa Revelli (co-leader), Jennifer Miller (co-leader), first grader Julia Revelli, kindergartener Caitlin Miller, all from Dicken Daisy Scout Troop 40532. They brought 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to add to the packages. We also had had the President and Vice-President of the Military Moms United. They brought many, many items to be packaged. And, we also had Lou Steenstra from Michigan West Point Parents Club. There was about two dozen people there to help. Roy Hall cooked hot dogs and Steve and Shirley Hitte brought home made sauerkraut and sausage in a crock pot. Several people brought great deserts. We were able to raise $500 in donations so, as is the normal course of these packing parties, Elmer White graciously matched that amount. That all goes to help defray the cost of shipping the packages. Again, thanks to all who came out and took time out of your busy day to help us help our active military personnel serving overseas. The packages are headed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I’m sure they will all enjoy the contents of the stuffed boxes!
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