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Remora and ArcEye3's all wired up and dual-modded | by vanRijn
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Remora and ArcEye3's all wired up and dual-modded

You can see that I had to tilt the Remora board a little bit on the FightStick Pro body. I was also able to run some wires underneath the Remora board, so the Remora board actually helps to keep things tidy here. =:)


Note also the orientation of the ArcEye3's and the wiring harnesses. I actually completely guessed when I installed the ArcEye3's and the Remora the first time and got lucky and guessed right. Two loose quick disconnect wires for the buttons can go on either button prong. It doesn't matter since all that matters is that the button connects them when it is pressed. But the orientation of the wiring harness to the ArcEye3 was a complete stab in the dark. I think Toodles is still finishing up his installation instructions, so this will be easier in the future. But it was guesswork for me. It looks like the open portion of the wiring harness (the back... the part where you can see the wires) should face towards the curved part of the ArcEye3's.


At least I think that's how they're supposed to be wired. I seem to get a bunch of pretty colors with things wired this way. =;)

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Taken on August 2, 2012